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April 30, 2013

YO! Ready for a new DIY?

Toy designers 3CoconutMonkey have created a new DIY platform, YO!  This underwear'd fellow stands 7" tall and comes ready for all the painting, sculpting, cutting and baking you can throw at it.  To promote the YO!, 3CoconutMonkey has partnered with Stan Lee.  

Yeah, THAT Stan Lee!

Together they're running a custom YO! contest featuring tons of prizes and even a chance to meet Stan Lee himself!  Grab yourself one of these figures (or six) and start customizing!

"New Alexandrian Scout, circa 1886"

A great Mascot by DeeTen...

This machine was hanging in the the Grand Central Museum located in the Great City of Netro. The scout was shot down while it tried to record the layout and blueprints of the city. New Alexandria has been at odds with the other 12 Great cities since it attacked its rival city. Many of the great cities reported seeing these scouts over their borders, most of them being shot down. This intrusion only intensifies the world's reluctance to deal with the floating city of New Alexandria. The floating city has been missing for quite some time, many dreading it return.

 This piece will be available at, today (4/30/13) sometime for $300 USD
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Latest Dunny's from Zukaty

Lastest Dunny's from Zukaty, grab them in his store!

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Angry Mariachi by MaloApril

Stunning piece. This girl is rocking them out!

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Instagram: @maloapril
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Rock n Roll Fred and Ginger by Bash

Bash is busy these days, another finished project. Really dig that gnome!
Rock n Roll Fred and Ginger
Fred is a huge fan of the rockband "BA/SH". Because he was so sweet for Ginger she decided to suprise him. She put on a BA/SH t-shirt and told him to change because they were going to a BA/SH concert tonight. Fred was so excited that he ran into the house, took off his shirt, put on his skull belt and ran back out. Ginger was shocked... Fred was covered in tattoo's! With a huge BA/SH tattoo on his back...  

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Featured Product - April 30, 2013

Nathan Hamill Strife & Sire SIGNED

Whispers and hints from days long past
Tell us tales of haunted spells cast…

Strife, a Warrior Imp of Calendula, was an attendant and protector of the once mighty but now fallen god, Sire. Though only his skull remains, Strife is a loyal creature through and through. He still watches over Sire in death, awaiting his prophesied return.

This two piece vinyl set stands 7" tall together and was created by Nathan Hamill. It is limited to 150 pieces and every one ordered comes signed by the designer. Pick a set up today for only $50 at the Tenacious Toys online store

Latest works from Squink!

Latest amazing works from Squink!...

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ToyKick's Fresh Batch: AVATAR666

Recently we showed you some progress and finished pictures of this Dunny series. Here the entries of AVATAR666 for this series.