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April 14, 2013

Iron Man Munny Mark 42 by The Modelmaker

This looks truly amazing!! Just spotted this and took it from his site.STUNNING!

I recently developed real obsession about Iron Man suits while seeing amazing costumes made by members of The Replica Props Forum. They use program called Pepakura to unfold 3d model to flat pieces, print them on home printer and assemble paper model of the suit in scale 1:1. They glue it, reinforce with fiberglass, sand and fill holes hundreds of times make this real, beautiful, wearable object. I want to make it for myself, but still not sure if I will be able to devote half a year of my free time for a single project. Instead of this I decided to make 2 munnies and see if that will fulfill me on Iron Man theme.
This is the first from my series of two custom munnies. This one is based on Iron Man Mark 42 (XLII) suit design from upcoming movie. There is many versions of Iron Munnies   made by different artists, to make mine different from others I decided to sculpt Tony Stark inside it. Portraits are still interesting and challenging for me. I spent 3 evenings to sculpt this face with Sculpey. Every day I started with completely changing the facial features getting closer to look like Rober Downey Jr.

It started as realistic, symmetrical and boring face. I started enlarging eyes, bending nose and modified it to look little more like caricature. I was not sure if it will look right till I painted him. After I was pleased with this stage I could proceed with the rest of the body because I knew I will not abandon this project. I wanted to make the suit as detailed as possible. I sketched it on the figure, then drew the pieced on computer, taking measures with Caliper and then used laser cutter to cut the pieces in styrene. It helped me to keep the suit symmetrical and details have good, sharp lines. The pieces were small so it was easy to bend them and superglue it to munny’s body.
Everything was painted with brushes with acrylic Valleyo paints.  I tested here for the first time the metal medium.  It looks like silver paint, it mixes with any colour and makes it look metallic. I was very satisfied with how it looked so i also started munny version of patriot suit where I will be able to play with other color theme. It needs few more details an will be ready for painting.

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 - Don P

Custom Tequila by Drilone

Had to show you guys this insane Tequila by Drilione...

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 - Don P

Fire and Ice ChuckBoys by Fuller

Awesome set of Dunny's by Fuller!

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Bioshock Infinite George Washington "Heavy Hitter" Patriot figure

One of the toughest enemies you'll face in Bioshock Infinite, the Patriot is an automaton built in Columbia to the likeness of a major figure in American history.

This figure stands over 9" tall and features incredible detail, 2 interchangeable heads, a massive Pepper-Mill gatling gun, and 2 flags of Columbia on its back.

With over 20 points of articulation and massive in size and stature this figure is a must have for fans of Bioshock Infinite. 

Contact us to let us know you're interested... we cannot do presales but we can base our order on your interest. Retail price will be about $35 each.

Jail Bird by Lickyourelbow

Oooh love the creativity from this guy (mini Munny/Bub)!

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      - Don P

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Dropping today at 4pm EST:

Forceolicism 2: The Passion of the Wookiee

The Passion of the Wookiee is a 6 inch tall, 4 inch wide resin sculpt featuring Chewbacca bootlegged onto a crucifix. Scott Kinnebrew of Forces of Dorkness made 20 unique resin color variants for Tenacious Toys, all incorporating the color blue.

"Chewie was the real martyr in the films," Scott says. "He had a family back at home but owed Han a life debt, and that was his sacrifice."

Each piece is priced at $50 and blind-boxed into custom boxes adorned with unique sketches by Scott. The Passion of the Wokiee drops on the Super Series Sundays page at 4PM EST today, April 14.