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April 8, 2013

Its just a flesh wound by Klang

Really like the cartoony feeling of these guys. Great work!

One of my favourite films and favourite scenes. Micro munnys!

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PapaBehr Vinyl USB Figurine‏

This looks awesome!!!

"PapaBehr is a desktop figurine skilled in the art of keeping your most precious files safe and protecting your workstation from harmful intruders. Sure, his miniature size conveys innocence. But his turbulent past combined with his interchangeable magnetic armor and weapons makes for a dangerous warrior. When he's not accompanying your long hours in front the computer, he can be found sharing data between trustworthy personnel through the 8GB or 16GB flash drive (depending on model) stored in his detachable head.

The prototype was made in Emeryville, California by two guys that love toys. It took more than 200 hours to design, build, and finish. 

It's currently on Kickstarter for the next 4 weeks with a goal of $20,000 (100% funded now!). There are various rewards that include a DIY PapaBehr (8GB or 16GB), a painted PapaBehr (8GB or 16GB), prints, t-shirts and many others. There are also stretch goals that allow for more rewards to be unlocked! 
Check out the kickstarter at: and like PapaBehr on facebook ( to enter in the contest giveaways!"

      - Don P

Rude Copper from Apologies to Banksy now available!

When the new Rude Copper figures by Apologies to Banksy arrived for review, I'd already had my opinion of them somewhat colored by internet debates over their legitimacy. Apparently, Banksy (from whom the design is derived) is not involved with the company, and some people don't appreciate the tongue-in-cheek manner in which ATB writes off this "theft" with their very name. But honestly, that's all I'm going to mention about that aspect of them. My main interest is as a toy enthusiast and collector, so I pushed such trivial matters aside and got down to admiring these (in)decent pieces of vinyl!

The figures are 4" and 6" tall, and available in several blank colors of rotocast vinyl. They are on the soft side, but they feel very durable. The vinyl does have some inconsistencies, areas where it varies from shiny to dull, but this is a minor issue and would be completely unnoticeable if you painted the figure, I only point it out for folks who wish to display them blank.

The design is great, and the sculpt well-executed. I found myself admiring the details on the helmet especially. It's very crisp in contrast to the smooth lines in the arms and the planes of the jacket. The pupils are even sculpted and every bit of attention brings this former work of graffiti art to life.

And oh yeah, Tenacious Toys has them. Just send an email!

(Photos by TDAWG)

Pop Surreal Sculpture by Craola & Kevin Pasko


Instagram has got to be one of my favourite ways to discover things that amaze and excite me, in real time, on a daily basis. A short while ago Greg "Craola" Simkins shared some of what he's been working on sculpturally for exhibition with friend and studio-mate Kevin Pasko
Kevin works in 3D Modeling and Sculpture for industry clients in gaming, toys and car manufacturing, but is also skilled with more Fine Art and sculpture.
We can see Kevin pays meticulous attention to detail and cleanliness in sculpting Craola's wonderful and surreal designs. As well as a creative eye for filling in "Turnarounds"- sculpting dynamically in-the-round.
"Stuck Outside" - Craola
I can see where elements of Craola's captivating surreal compositions and characters are coming together in dynamic 3-Dimensional forms. The digital sculpt above emphasizes the beautiful craning posture of the figure's neck.
Greg "Craola" Simkins is regularly posting beautiful new works to is IG @Craola and website.
You can find more of Kevin Pasko's digital sculpting on Instagram@Kevinpasko, on Tumblr or by inquiring
  I'll be watching for more artful sculpting like these, which could become actualized as rapid-print prototypes in the future!


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Mini Labbits by Infinte Rabbits

Pretty insane when you know how small these guys are. Awesome job!

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     - Don P

RunDMB's Nosferatu for ToyCon UK

ToyCon UK was a huge success and I reckon it will be a yearly event. I totally forgot to post this awesome custom Nosferatu by RunDMB.

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