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April 4, 2013

MaloApril's raffle DOTD Dunny

MaloApril hitted 500 followers on Instagram some weeks ago and she did an raffle for a customized 3 inch Dunny. This is the insane Dunny she made for the winner (nah won't tell you guys that I won this Dunny). Totally in love with all the details and the used colors on this piece. Excellent work!


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Instagram: @maloapril
      - Don P

BeatNut by Melodreama

The latest Munny from Melodreama!
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  - Don P

Uncle-Absinthe is ready for ToyCon UK

Some stunning works (custom Lunartik Teas, Masks of Doom and War Tourist) from Uncle-Absinthe for ToyCon UK...

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   - Don P 

Kuri & Bota from Teddyman

The latest from Teddyman (custom Trikky)...

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     - Don P 

Coming Soon - Hellraiser Cenobites Blindbox Series

Nick Invictus Art and a team of designer vinyl customizers have come together to spread the love, and terror, of a Kidrobot Bot blindbox series inspired by Hellraiser Cenobites!
Cleverly titled “Cenobots”, this series will release April 20th as a Blindbox for $75ea.
Contributing to the series are arists DonP, Invictus Art, Alarment, Tasha ZimichSmeagol Does Art, Mostly Harmless, Jay222, Negatron, EvarArts, ChipSoup, Nervis Wrek & Commandante.
Stay tuned for details for the April 20 drop, or email inquiries to

BUMPED HEADS by Hoakster

These custom Trikkys are available in Hoaksters store. Love them!

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Featured Product - April 4, 2013

   Boris by Nathan Hamill

"Forged by the stars and space alike, and stuff and things, the Bellicose Bunny was enlisted by top minds throughout the universe to seek out, thwart and destroy all known evil. Equipped with a pair of space goggles and the Sword of Ulyssia, he mounted his Daucus: Class 8 Rocket and embarked on his quest. Now he's reached this galaxy and needs our help in his noble mission. Hear his cry for peace: 'Starbunny Fields Forever!'"

Featured today is the first figure in the Picnic Land series from Nathan Hamill. This is a 2.5" rotocasted vinyl figure with two points of articulation and is available for only $18 now in the Tenacious Toys online store.

Giant Embyro Custom - Cowababa

Totally in love with this Giant Embryo from Creo Design, available during ToyCon UK.

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The Jelly Empire Jelly Avengers at MoCCA

The Jelly Empire will be at booth C-90 at MOCCA Fest this upcoming April 6 & 7 at the Armory at 68 Lexington Avenue in New York City. Presumably these sweet Jelly Avengers custom JellyBot figures will be there. Tickets are only $12 if you buy them online. The Jelly Empire and Argonaut Resins do this show every year... and considering I live on Lexington Avenue In NYC, it's probably something I should be looking into as well for Tenacious Toys. Hmmm...

David Stevenson is battle ready for ToyCon UK!

David Stevenson is ready for ToyCon UK. Here are some of the works who are available on this event!

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Day and Night Munny by TO designs

Love Munny's with a concept...

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Bulletpunk: Pirated Stormtroopers by Quiccs

Amazing work from Quiccs (new Red Mutucha Studios member). This guy is insanely talented and when you consider that these guys are his first custom Dunnys....than we have to expect loads from him in the future.

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Leopoldo TT by WuzOne

This guy amazes me, another excellent custom. The Teddy Troops platform works extremely well with his style!

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Codename Unknown Munny I by Sekure D

I personally am a huge fan of this style. It bring me into a dreamworld. Love this Munny!

The Codename Unknown Army continues to go from strength to strength! A new custom 7″ Munny entitled “Codename Unknown Munny I” has just been wrapped up and I couldn’t be happier. I am starting to incorporate more of the robot arm pattern which has been so popular with my sneakers over the years and I’m really pushing the detail in the complimentary patterns with extra depth and color. Hope you like this guy as much as I do! I have plenty more in the works so stay tuned!

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