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April 3, 2013

Harley Quinn and Joker Dunny's by Fuller

Oohhhhhhh love them!

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Spanky Mc Minty by Don P

Made this for ToyCon UK. It is a custom Mr. Busy from Mintyfresh. He send me the DIY version. This toy is a resin piece and loved to customize it. This guy is ready to spank all those guys at ToyCon UK this satuday!

     - Don P

Do you like Phil Collins? by Infinite Rabbits

Really dig this expression on this 3 inch Dunny. Excellent paintjob!

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     - Don P

I Sold My Soul (To the Devil) by PJ Constable

This custom is so original, just amazing!

Just revealed my final custom QiQi, I tried something different and he's a bit darker than my usual stuff, but I hope that you like him. (for ToyCon UK)

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Tiki P.I by Lickyourelbow

Awesome new comic and Dunny's from Lickyourelbow....grab this!

Tiki P.I. is now available to the masses! there are still some of the super limited edition which includes a copy of the comic with a special color cover and a 3 in custom dunny or the regular edition which is the orange cover on the right. I still have (4) gray Tiki P.I. dunnys left and (1) orange. each is $60 shipped. The regular edition is $5 shipped. Everything comes signed and with a little sketch!

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      - Don P

New Creations from The Forces of Dorkness

Two excellent customs....

Just wanted to share two of my newest creations with you

The first,  A custom painted 6"  Touma / Wonderwall Beak Falcon i simply call "The Falcon".  A piece I found online during the holidays that just screamed paint job.  I tried to end up somewhere between Egyptian Idol and Custom toy.  It's a mix of brushed acrylics and iridescent and pearlized airbrush colors.  The overall piece has a high gloss lacquer finish for that display ready look.


Second is a piece I call "The Mini Evil Mastermind in the Lightning Dinosaur P.J.s" or TMEMITLDPJS for short.  He's a 7"  100% Resin Dynamite Rex that I picked up at Designer Con last year.  I'm really psyched they are releasing this in platform in vinyl.  

Both Pieces are available and interested parties should contact me direct at  

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Latest works from Flawtoys

Here are the latest customs from Flawtoys, a custom Mr. Busy and two Strangers. The Mr. Busy is for ToyCon UK and the strangers are for the SAVE&DESTROY IV.

SAVE&DESTROY IV will be a one-day show on Saturday, April 20th 2013 at Galerie Maurer Z├╝rich from 11am to 6pm. All unsold artworks will be up for sale at ( the day after the show. For inquiries please, email

Kaiju Stranger

Ika Stranger

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Satan's Spawn by Bash Projects

An amazing custom trio from Bash Projects. Love them all!
The devil has one son. A hipster sort horned devil child with flashy clothes. Like a real hipster he is bored to death (pardon the pun) and is fed up with hell. He decided to go to earth to create his own “hell on earth”. His father didn’t like the idea of him going alone so he send two of his best guardians with him to protect him: Hellbound and Native Guardian. They were both condemned to hell years ago and waited for the day that they were going back to earth to raise hell! Is there anybody who can stop these guys or are we all doomed? This devilish trio was created for a private collector and are part of a 5 piece Muttpop showdown between Good and Evil. Things will get heavenly very soon! 

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Featured Product - April 3, 2013

Dudebox 7.5-inch The Fib Fairy by Tristan Eaton

Straight from Dudebox and Tristan Eaton comes this 7.5" tall vinyl fiend. Tristan Eaton puts his super cool character illustration style to a Fiend. This one is a mythical creature, kept enshrouded in darkness and locked in a secure place. Her power will compel you... just don't tell lies or you will discover the power of her wrath! Articulated at the shoulders, this piece could be yours for only $25 in the Tenacious Toys online store