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March 30, 2013

Custom Freight Train Box Cars by DrilOne

One to never stop working, DrilOne recently put up some HO Scale weathered freight Train Box cars in his store.
Image from DrilOne
These trains have been popping a lot more recently, getting worked and painted by some great artists. A perfect base for artists with a graffiti background, or any artist for that matter. These box cars remind me of sitting at a train track waiting for the miles long Santa Ana train to pass, all while admiring the passing graffiti. DrilOne has 8 of these awesome looking box cars up for sale, selling for $100 plus shipping. Sold blind boxed style, the buyer doesn't know which one he/she will get. As an added bonus, DrilOne will add a name or tag on the other side of the box car, making a truly unique custom.

Image from DrilOne
 From DrilOne's product page:
These are 7" long and 2" high. I did the weathering and graffiti. This includes your name/tag on other side. There is 8 and they will be blindly sold. You wont know which one you get till to receive it.
Please let me know the name you want on the other side. I can do certain pictures too....
Don't wait to long to purchase one of these pieces, it may not last long with only 8 being available.

Featured Product - March 29,2013 update!

Well since the Stinker Edition is sold out, grab the normal edition now for only 25 dollars (50% off). Be fast gone is gone!