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March 21, 2013

Ardabus Rubber's work for Game On

Ooooh awesomeness from Ardabus Rubber... 
Here are two new pieces, done as a set for the "Game On" show opening tomorrow (Friday) at 1am Gallery in San Francisco. Titled "It Started with A Glance (And Ended with a Fever) and is a 7" Soopa Coin-Up and an 8" Dunny, painted with acrylics and all the extras made with epoxy resin. The drips on the dunny are sculpted on, it's tough to tell from the pics though. 

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Molasses and Jiffy by One-Eyed Girl

Really dig this style! This custom is up for grabs in her store now.

Mini munny and 3" dunny set. the classic story of the tortoise and the hare! Molasses the tortoise is always getting jumped all over by zaney Jiffy the hare.

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Whistling Pony's Surinama

Whistling Pony's Surinama

Stephen Singer is an artist working in Upstate New York. His primary creative concern is expressing the human condition through abstract realism, the twisting of thought-flesh through the cultural matrix to create handheld allegories.

He formed Whistling Pony Toys in 2009, with the goal of creating art plastic meant for both the retail and gallery setting. Stephen’s first two figures, Death Light Monster (DLM) and Kachina Seijin, were produced in resin, and he is now exploring the possibilities of the vinyl medium.

Surinama is Stephen’s first sofubi figure and was inspired by the Surinama toad who gives birth to live baby toads which emerge out of her back. The figure stands 6” tall with a 12” horn span and has five points of articulation (neck, arms and horns) and interchangeable appendages.

Stephen designed and sculpted Surinama out of Sculpey. The figure was then tooled and molded by Luke Rook of Grody Shogun in Japan, and had an initial casting in clear, black, and GID. He is currently producing custom limited runs, including collaboration with several top customizers.

The most recent release is a collaboration with artist Topheroy, Cast in clear vinyl and painted with Monster Kolor, this rainbow version is known as ROYGBIV and is limited to 10. Cost is $85 and can be purchased at

Love is the Drug! by Riesj@rt

Sometimes I just love to post new work from starting artists. This is the first custom this guy ever made, till a week ago he never used even a paintbrush. When you start with a custom like this, than you are awesome in my book. Enjoy your feature Riesj@rt!

Featured Product for March 21

Featured Product

So this is a new daily post (save for the weekends sometimes) featuring a product from the shop that you should be interested in and add to your collection. I am starting it off with one of my favorites that I still need to pick up my self, the OMFG Series 2 Tenacious Toys exclusive white colorway. These are reminiscent of those M.U.S.C.L.E. toys from the eighties. I used to collect them and would sit in class and imagine them wrestling one another around the school while my teacher droned on, now with the OMFG series I imagine them taking chunks out of one another, but that is a discussion for me and my shrink. Anyway, not only are these some bad ass toys from some bad ass artists (redjarojam, Kenjitron/George Gaspar, RuFuS, turboPistola and Monsterforge/M-Flem-Jr) So head over to the Tenacious Toys store and join me in my delusion by picking up this exclusive colorway today. The set of five is only $10 and with this being basically blank, would be great as is or for customization.