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March 17, 2013

Big G+ Android Community Giveaway is on NOW!

Easter has got to be one of my favourite holidays, because free chocolate rocks- but so do dozens of Toy, Art & Entertainment related prizes valuing thousands of dollars!

Android G+ Community member Jim Long has put together one doozy of a community event with literally dozens of prizes, together with the generous sponsorship of groups and individuals including, but not limited to, , Spankystokes, Dragatomi, DeadZebraVinylRiot, BAIT, dunnysforeveryone, Fuller Designs, HitMit, and many more.

Where and How?

The giveaway is going on here, with some questionnaire questions and a couple guidelines where you'll place your comment after submitting;

Please answer in an email to the following as feedback to DeadZebra +Andrew Bell
a. What 3” design would you love to see in a bigger format?
b. If future series were to have a set theme, such as code name desserts, monsters, ect, what would you like to see and by what artists?
c. Who are your favourite designers who have done Android Mini official and custom designs, and why?

Some Prizes Include 

Lucky Cat Androids from Tenacious, Jim Long, BAIT, & Shane Jessup

Hitoshi Mitani Customs & Mobley

1/1 Custom Stroll by John "Spanky" Stokes
Artist Prizepacks
Dancing Lions donated by Jim Long
With over 300$ in Gift Certificates, full cases of Androids, rare Series 1 collectibles, Art Supplies, one of a kind customs, and more, there's plenty of reason to hop in on getting your questionnaires submitted! Thank you to all sponsors, organizers, donators and participants. Please be sure to read the entry guidelines here, and have fun!


I am following dt_custom for a while now on Instagram (@dt_custom). He is working now on his own DIY toy called GOON.

He will bring this toy in two versions, a plain version and a shogun version. This toy is the most impressive DIY, that I have seen lately. The body has all to make something interesting with it. I see loads of Marvel characters on this custom but he will certainly suit well for many other styles too.

The shogun version is something else. Never saw a DIY with so many items. With this version you can go wild. The helmet looks so cool, a must to have!

When this guys has the right people behind him, that I see an enormous market for this toy. When you are interested in this toy, than simply contact him here: