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March 15, 2013

We Become Monsters 'Brasscoat Dimension Hopper' piece for 'Toys Are Us'' show

Chris Moore (We Become Monsters) shares with us his piece for the upcoming Toys Are Us show in IL at the Rockford Art Deli! Good to see Illinois representing. CA seems to have more than it's fair share of cool shows. We have a lot of talent in between the coasts!

Title- 'Brasscoat Dimension Hopper'
Dimensions- 5.5 inches tall
Medium- We Become Monsters resin figure "Dimension Hopper" (another unreleased figure, should be some variants in the store sometime this spring), Acrylic, Shoe Polish, Brass powder.
Articulated / removable head.

‘Codename Militia’ by Sekure D

Amazing piece from Sekure D. Love the combination of his own style with this army style. Awesomeness!

‘Codename Militia’ is the leader of a Codename Unknown Army Squadron whose mission is to eliminate the remaining human strongholds left outside the major cities of the world. After their laboratory created airborne pathogens dramatically reduced the world’s population Codename Militia and thousands of squadrons like his are sweeping the globe taking out humanity as they go! Hope you guys like him, it was fun doing something a little different. -Sekure D

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Deus ex machina by Don P

My first 8 inch Dunny, pretty happy with this outcome. Hope you guys like it too!

  - Don P

Chibi Pulse Fire Ezreal by sam de jesus

Impressive sculpting on this 4 inch Munny!

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  - Don P

Latest works from Loz Hausofboz

Really dig the fairy tale style from Loz. Everything is so well sculpted and painted. Candy for the eyes!

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Ninja NUGGS by Ian Ziobrowski

I can see Ian doing more of these guys (3 inch Dunny). Quality stuff!

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      - Don P

"Death Blooms" by Rsin

You just have to love this custom Mario from Rsin...

"Death Blooms" custom for the upcoming Game On show at @1amsf gallery March 22nd.

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Hasu geisha by Gabriel Carpio

Another excellent custom Fonzo from Gabriel Carpio...

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  - Don P

Latest works from JRAD

Love JRAD's work. It looks clean and it has a very cartoony feeling to it. Reckon that you guys will love his work too. He is currently open for commission, so hit this guy up!
The 2 Hello Kitty figures were for the Hello City show at Art Attack SF on March 1st and 2nd. Both figures I incorporated my widow character into. The larger 9"figure was a coin bank while the smaller 5" a pencil holder that I filled in with sculpey and made a solid head. The 9" figure sold opening night while the smaller figure that I started live at the gallery on March 2nd is still available. Check out the gallerys website for more info.

Love this Kidsmokey 3 inch Bot....
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Instagram @ratedrad
 -Don P