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March 12, 2013

Mariachi Munny's by MaloApril

MaloApril just finished this amazing 7 inch Munny set. The details on these pieces are insane. Love the backs! Enjoy...

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      - Don P

Roary by One-Eyed Girl

You don't see a custom on this platform often. Love what One-Eyed Girl did with this custom...
Meet Roary!  Roary is the cutest, most helpless little lion of all.  Made from customizing a 3" JoeLedbetter Finder's Keepers, i even used real sharks teeth for his 2 little fangs. Roary is for sale in my new shop!

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36 and 39 by Mike Die

Mike Die gives his customs numbers, pretty interesting concept. Here are number 36 and 39.....a 3 inch Fatcap and Dunny. Love the colors!
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"The Seer, circa 1886" by DeeTen

Amazing 7 inch Munny from DeeTen and the great can grab it in his store!

The Seer was a menacing robot discovered during the Expedition of 1886 into the parallel world. While our explorer were touring the 13 great cities they happened upon what appeared to be a ghost town while on route to Netro City. The town was deteriorated and resembled the abandoned western towns of our world, the only difference being that people still lived here. The residents were noticeably paranoid when our travelers conversed with them. Before answering any questions they always said they needed to ask the Seer first. Our first encounter with the seer was not worth noting, just simple parlor tricks. However, the town locals were caught in its strange "ability" to predict the future. It seemed that whatever it said the town would follow. The people would go from dancing wherever they walked to not making eye contact with each other for days on end. Our explorers had seen this type of trickery in our world before and quickly put an end to their suffering. They smashed the robot and disabled its voice box to stop it from trapping the citizens in an illusion of false predictions. The people of the town were frightened at first, not knowing what might happen since the machine could no longer tell them what would keep death at bay. our team and its guides left the town, taking the remenants of the seer with them. This only showed them another example the seemingly harmful motives of New Alexandria.

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More works from Don P

I finished some more customs. The first one is a custom QiQi and is made for the QiQi project (ToyCon UK). It is currently for sale for only 80 dollars. Grab it fast!  My second custom is a custom Bot and I made this piece for myself, sometimes you have to tease yourself. Hope you guys like my works.

Golden God of Death
Tiki Clown Bot

Undead Eyes by WuzOne

Love this guys work, full with details and great linework!

Undead Eyes is a commission for a Philippines zombies fan (3 inch Dunny).

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The mecha T.R.E.E by hova1979

This guy don't calls himself a customizer since he makes them only for his own collection. In my book he is one...
The mecha T.R.E.E ( tactical rapid earthlife exterminator ) unit is a tank-unit deployed in heavely wooded areas to blend into its surroundings. Due to a glitch in its software system this tank-unit however thinks it is an actual tree, no longer posing any danger to mankind. ( custom made by hova1979)


Mr. Sparkle custom Qee (Monster Kolor edition)!

 Amazing clean work from zombiemonkey...

It has been nearly two and a half years since I debuted my Mr. Sparkle Qee custom at Toy2r's 2010 Dcon booth and since that date I have received dozens of e-mail requests to re-make the design... including one from the creator of Mr. Sparkle himself, Mr. Donick Cary!

To answer the demand I have decided to release a edition of 6 new Mr. Sparkle customs through my website. This round of customs has three notable improvements from the first incarnation.

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