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March 11, 2013

Hauntingly Beautiful New Works by Kari-Lise

Garden Ghost

Fine Artist Kari-Lise is a painter I find joy in following online, and knew when I saw her in-process work of Garden Ghost on Instagram @karilise that this was a piece for sharing.
Traditional techniques and practices underpin her contemporary, slightly surreal compositions. The delicate ghostly flourishes, seen above here in "Garden Ghost" are a nod to traditional Norwegian Rosemaling folk art, but overlaid in a way that might remind us of opaque digital painting design and layering.
Something about the combination of Kari-Lise's rich definition of her figures and strong colour choices, while still achieving a very airy or ethereal sense of atmospheric weightlessness, makes her pieces stand out to me.
Kari-Lise will be participating in some upcoming shows to keep an eye out for; "PoP Femme" for Pop Gallery in Santa Fe May 3rd, as well as closer to home in "Tentacle Show" at Ltd. Gallery in Seattle for May 4th.
Find more of Kari-Lise's work on her website, Tumblr, Facebook, IG @karilise or Twitter @KariLiseA or inquire at

Frank Kozik is DEAD

So...Frank isn't really dead but this big ass (13") vinyl bust gives us a good idea of what that might look like. Designed by Kevin Gosselin, blessed by Kozik himself, this is a must for collectors of giant busts of Frank Kozik (which should be everyone).

In addition to the busts themselves, you can also get some boss stickers and the two colors available through the Kickstarter will never be made available through any other channel.  So pony up ya' jerks, let's get this one made!

DOOBS by Hoakster

Love the graffiti styled customs from Hoakster, this is his latest and will be up for grabs tomorrow!

"Doobs" is my latest custom Kidrobot Trikky.. Complete with manboobs/devilboobs (doobs)  and tail, a little 3 pronged weapon that was fashioned in the fires of Hoakser Hq, and a base for him to stand on, he's just been unleashed into my store and will be available tomorrow Tuesday 12th March by 6:00 pm GMT..

Follow Hoakster here:

Masks of Doom by Don P

Here are my two entries for the Mask of Doom series (ToyCon UK). Original mask is made by Blue Frog. I made a Tiki Clown mask and an Evil Clown mask. You can put both on a 4 inch Munny.

Amazing customs from Timbone

Timbone is one of the best sculptors I know in the scene. His work looks so clean and his paints are top notch. Just spotted these two customs on Deviantart and I was amazed by the quality again of these pieces. The Steampunk GizomoDuck is sculpted from scratch!! AMAZING WORK!

Sculpted from scratch out of super sculpey firm, and plastic rod and tube. Painted with acrylic paint. He stands about 9 inches tall.
Steampunk GizmoDuck (9 inch)

This is the piece I did for the Game On! show at 1AM gallery in San Francisco. Will be on display at the end of March. Made with super sculpey firm, styrene sheet, and acrylic paint. Stands about 3" tall.
Follow Timbone here:

Mega-Hic!-Man for GAME ON Exhibition

Have to say...stunning piece from Igor Ventura for the GAME ON Exhibition. I reckon that we will see some more great stuff of customizers soon. Awesome line up for this show.

Mega man's ability to gain his defeated enemies' powers isn't always welcome. What would happen if he accidentally shot a booze-loving foe? Well, Mega-Hic!-Man is here! Armed with his XXX super alcohol-sprinkler cannon, his enemies won't be match for him... unless his double-vision gets in the way! Mega-Hic!-Man is part of GAME ON, 1:AM's next group exhibition, an art show guided by the video game characters that molded us in our formative years through today.
Characters like Zelda, Pac Man, Bowser, Link, Mario, Contra, Dig Dug, M. Bison, and Metroid are a few examples of of the many that exist. Each of the pieces should approach a character as a reboot, giving it a twist.

Follow Igor Ventura here:

3 New Resin Dye Kits Available in Monster Kolor Store

 I really can't keep up anymore. Monster Kolor has released 3 new Resin Dye kits based on some of their most popular paint kits: Vividtone (pink, yellow & orange), Shades of Grey (3 shades of grey) and Shades of War (Olive Drab, Desert Camo Tan & Military Brown). 
3 great new ways to cast your resin figures in colors so bright and deep that you don't even have to paint the figures... and that means less time spent and therefore more money for you as an artist. I'm always pushing the artists to ramp up production, produce faster and smarter so you can begin making more than minimum wage for your work! Click the link below:

Lovecraft x Velocitron x Clutter Gallery



Top row: Dagon, Tulu; Bottom row: Bokrug, Y'golonac

Let me start with a confession.  I have never bought any of Velocitron's releases before.  They just didn't do it for me...and then the Monsters From the Island show came along at Clutter Gallery and the Pocket Idol series.  BOOM!  They got me.

- Finger puppet/pocket sized  
- Amazing price ($7.50 a piece!)  
- H.P. Lovecraft tie in

A perfect storm of stuff I love.  As soon as my lottery number got called and I snagged all of them.  There are still sets available (last time I checked anyway) so do yourself a favor and grab them while you can!

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!  Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!