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March 9, 2013

Comic Droid Series by Fuller

James Fuller, of Fuller Designs, showed a little teaser of a 1/1 Comic Droid Android series that he will be releasing next month, exclusively through Vinyl Riot. The mockup shows 5 characters designed on Android figures, all of which are from the Marvel X-Men series. Gambit has always been a favorite character of mine and I can't wait to see the final product of the whole set. I imagine that even the packaging for this set will be great, as Fuller likes to create his customs as a complete package. Hopefully, Fuller will create more characters from the Marvel Universe in the future.

Based on the mock-up, it seems that the series is going to be available on 4/27/13, sold as a set, exclusively through Vinyl Riot. Be sure to keep an eye out for more release information in the coming weeks.

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Shapeways API release...what does that mean?

Shapeways released their API (full article) and it's kind of a big deal.  Here's a quick run down of why that is:
  • First, an API (Application Programming Interface) is basically a piece of computer code that lets two programs talk to each other in a way that both of them understand.
  • Using the Shapeways API you could make an app, program or website that people can use to send things to Shapeways (without having to go through their site) and then it gets made and shows up on their doorstep!  AMAZING!
So what does that mean in the real world terms?  Well, uh, money for one.  There are about 8,000 Shapeways Shop owners and they made about $500,000 in profits last year.  Now that is for shops that are on the Shapeways Shop site which is a good place to start but...what if you made a site where people could (for example) make custom little dudes and dudettes and have them appear in the mail a few weeks later?  

Someone already answered that question and I think it is a great case study for some of the possibilities that the wide release of this API opens up.

Mixee Me was started by some Yalies (full disclosure, I do know one of them personally - Hi Nancy!) and in essence, the site lets you mix and match parts, then get it printed and mailed to you.  This is objectively awesome and the interface that they have come up with (using the Shapeways API) is dead simple but allows a tremendous amount of flexibility by giving you the option of uploading designs.

That is the "now".  My brain is still spinning with the immediate future possibilities for toys that are not only bigger (or smaller), better, faster, stronger, cheaper but custom, exactly what you want and when you want it!  What do you think?

This article only really scratched the surface of what is going on in this realm so stay tuned for more articles on this (and tangentially related) subjects coming soon!

Vincent the Red Eye by Respect

Have to say impressive work. Love this first Dunny from Respect...

This is my 1st completed dunny and a second addition to a set of customs I am working on. The customs are a crew called "Bear Knuckle", the first was a gift for my girlfriend.

This is Vincent the Red Eye, an aggressive bastard, mentor and leader of the crew. His past is muddy and filled with blood, slowly gathering and assembling the crew he dubbed as Bear Knuckle. The animals are gathering, preparing for something that we don't know about yet. Only he knows what the end result is, and he's not telling.  

I'm in the middle of working on 3 more of these for anyone looking to purchase, they will be available for $65. Each toy will come with custom packaging and a 3" Bear Knuckle sticker, signifying a membership into the crew. 

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 - Don P