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March 5, 2013

Dark Horse x Toy2R Domo Qee Series 5 is here!

Our carton of 2" Domo Qee Series 5 is now in the hands of the Tenacious Toys Blind Box Bitch, who is opening them and labeling them. Up for sale at end of week. Most common figures will be $8.99 each. If we get super rare chases they might be a little more. These will be for sale open-box on our super awesome Domo page. I'll probably steal better images from Trampt since Toy2R doesn't bother taking actual product shots.

Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays: Wave 1 of Task One's Pillaging Pop Culture Series

 This Sunday, March 10th, Task One's new 3" custom series "Pillaging Pop Culture" will join the Tenacious Toys "Super Series Sundays" releases. Pillaging Pop Culture is a tribute to today's artists who are pillaging icons from our childhood to sell art. Well, if you're gonna steal from the rich, at least make it affordable to the poor by pricing the art as low as possible.

The blind-boxed custom hand-painted figures will be $40.00 a piece or $100.00 for all 3 designs released in each wave. Purchasing 3 bind boxes in each wave guarantees that you will get one of each of the 3 figures in that wave. This puts each figure, if the full wave of 3 pieces is purchased, at a mere $33.33. Purchasing one figure means you will get a blind boxed figure.

We will also make available a limited number of full sets- the whole series of 18 characters plus chase- at $600.00, which is a lot less than some consumers spend hunting down a full set of a production series. There will be a "free" chase figure (not part of the 18pc set) that will be rewarded to 2 lucky orders each Wave and automatically to anyone who purchases the full set. While the exact run size is not revealed, the series is limited.

Release schedule for Pillaging Pop Culture:
• March 10, 4PM EST: Wave 1
• March 24: Wave 2
• April 7: Wave 3
• April 21: Wave 4
• May 5: Wave 5
• May 19: Wave 6

Re-Thinking the Blind Box
The current blind box theory works well for production pieces. But when it comes to custom and home artist-made series, especially ones with several artists, you may only want one or a couple of certain pieces in the series. The chances of getting one you like may not be in your favor. You also may not want to blindly pay upwards of $100 for a custom you may not like. Another issue is you may not want to buy more than one, in fear you might receive a duplicate.

So after a little thought and experimentation, this is how the Pillaging Pop Culture series will work:

The series contains 18 figures that will be divided up into 6 releases ("waves"), held 2 weeks apart.

By releasing 3 figures at a time instead of releasing the full series of 18 at once, it automatically raises your odds of getting the one you like to 1 in 3, instead of 1 in 18 or whatever the ratio may be. If you purchase 2 blind boxed figures, your odds go up dramatically. Your odds disappear completely if you shoot for the price savings and buy all 3. Releasing 3 figures at a time will also guarantee there are no duplicates bought or sent with any order. When a customer orders 3 blind figures in Wave 1, one of each of the three Wave 1 figures will be shipped to the customer.

To add a little intrigue to the usual blind box release method... instead of seeing all the figures in the series and a blacked out mystery chase figure, we will do the opposite and start with revealing the chase first (see below). The rest of the figures will be blacked out, only to be revealed upon each 2 week release. Hopefully this lends a little excitement and suspicion as to what figures may be revealed each wave.

To entice sales, the chase will be free. 2 lucky orders will be selected randomly each release round to receive a free series chase added to their order. The chase will also be rewarded automatically to any customers who purchase the whole series for $600.

A note from Task One:
By stretching the release out over a 12 week period it prolongs the fun, interest and awareness of this project both for the collector and the artists. As a collector, it increases your chances of receiving pieces you want and gives you time between paychecks to save up for the next release. As an artist, the space in between gives us time to fulfill orders and keeps the project in the blogs and media for a while, instead of having a nice build up to a release date, after which the project is forgotten.

Task One would like to encourage other artists or people putting together a blind box series to try this method out, and feel free to adapt and add on your own ideas to the process. If you do please contact him and let him know how it turns out.

‎'Abaddon' by Darren Glegg

New "Sculpture" Foomi by Darren Glegg...

I have just finished a new custom angel. This is ‎'Abaddon', an angel shown as the king of an army of locusts, his name means place of destruction where the damned lie in fire. 

He is based on a 4 inch foomi, but now stands at about 8 1/2 inches, He will hopefully be for sale from soon for £80 and if anyone wants to get in contact then hit me up
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Patrick Wong's "Prober" Munny

New work from Patrick Wong, 7 inch Munny...

This new character came out of a bit of an experiment Patrick Wong and tattooist Ryan Tsutsumi executed painting graffiti. They painted the wall black, drew a line in the middle, and each were to draw half a face without the other knowing what the other was going to paint until that day. The Prober character was born out of that painting session (

Prober is an immortal being that has intervened into human civilization since the dawn of time. It has sometimes created havoc upon the earth, but it is known by oral tradition to be an entity of justice swallowing evil doers from its black face with white holes.

Once in graffiti form, the character then took the form of the pasteup to further breath life into this fictional being. The 7" Munny was the most recent transformation of Prober shown with its two sets of eyes swallowing the souls of other characters and wielding its mystical staff.

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Twitter / Instagram: @patrickwongart 

 - Don P

Fuller for President!

It seems that Fuller stepped onto a whole new level of customizing. I see way more details than before in his work and I always think how does he do this? Here are his latest customs and my personal favorite is the Wings of Redemption Mascot...obvious since I commissioned him for this one. Just enjoy the quality works from Fuller again!

Wings of Redemption, 7 inch Mascot

 Grrr...., 7 inch Mascot

Spawn, 4 inch Munny

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Radioactive Dunny's by MannyX

Amazing deal for a great concept!

Final line up. The green, glow in the dark, and oil go on sale for $25+shipping. Sale starts Saturday March 9th at 9am in an open run with a 48hr window to order. The orange is FREE for those who order all 3. Grab them here:

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