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March 1, 2013

Task One Pillaging Pop Culture wave 1 drops March 10...

Art Without Borders

 For the good cause...

We wanted to give the online community more of a chance to take part in the fundraiser, and raise more funds and awareness as well so we decided to do an online fundraiser with prizes for donations.


    -Raffle tickets $10 each
    -No limit to amount of tickets per person
    -Open to everyone in the US and International
    -Donations will be accepted through paypal
    -100% of donations after paypal fees will go to Doctors Without Borders (please pay gift)
    -Minimum 50 tickets for raffle to go through
    -Ticket sales will go from 2/13/2013-3/31/2013
    -Drawing will be 4/3/2013 and will be broadcasted live through the web
    -Winners will be contacted in order of the drawing, and will be able to pick their prize

Tickets can be purchased here:

I will be updating this post with a list of prizes as I get them. This list so far will the minimum number 

of prizes, and will only increase as more items are donated


1. Nikejerk 4" Mini-Munny Commission
2. Southerndrawl Iron Bee (Fire Variant) 3" Dunny
3. Kasey Tararuj aka One-Eyed Girl Mini-Munny (Pictures coming soon)
4. TheGraphixChick Mini-Munny (Pictures coming soon)
5. Lysol Resin figures (Pictures coming soon)
6. Tristan Eaton Vote for Change print (Signed by Tristan) (Graciously donated by Zonnie5)
7. MADxKr Bent World Vandals Print. Limited to 300 (Graciously donated by Zonnie5)
8. Luke Chueh x Ford Print Set (Graciously donated by Zonnie5)
9. Ashley Wood ThreeA GID Mk3 Bertie (Unopened)

*Since this fundraiser has prizes, the donations are not eligible for tax receipts. If instead you would prefer tax credit, you can donate here instead:

Latest works from Infinite Rabbits

Some excellent works from Infinite Rabbits...
Custom Tequila
3 inch Chuckboy Dunny
Dunny's and Micro's
3 inch Dunny
I've been very busy with other commitments lately, but I've managed to work on a few custom toys the past few months and thought I would share some pics. Most have been for gifts or commissions, so none of these are in my online store ( The two Eyes may end up there at some point in the future - I haven't decided their fate yet. More pics & customs on my Facebook page ( Thanks! - Infinite Rabbits

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     - Don P

Sokka by Fuller

Awesome Dunny from Fuller...

This was a commission, Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. - Fuller

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Teddy's got Wood by Bash Projects

Do you know that feeling? When you suddenly find yourself alone, in the woods, naked!
If you do, don’t be a fool... wear a helmet, it’s cool.

Teddy’s got Wood is my first blindbox serie and is limited to 5 Teddy Troops.

They are $125 (€95) per piece including worldwide shipment. Contact me if you want to order one... or two... or five!

(If you order 2 or more their will be a discount because of the combined shipping)

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