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February 25, 2013

Misty Fog Multicolor Sofubi 5 Piece Set

Rotofugi has a small amount of the new Misty Fog vinyl sets up on preorder for $45 each! These sold out from Misty Fog already, so jump on it!

"The dudes at Misty Fog (Le Merde & Kiyoka Ikeda) are back at it again, this time with a super cool 5-Piece set that includes a Moai Head, Sphinx, Stonehenge, Pyramid and a Body. All sets will be 5 random colors (7 colors possible) chosen at random. Approximately 4 inches tall with a head on the body."

Zombie Dunny by Don P

My newest 3 inch Dunny...

This little zombie Dunny lives on the planet Rabbitea. On this planet everything is different. There are reallife teddybears, who are used as pets and they are from flesh and blood. This little zombie rabbit just killed one of those teddybears. He has planned to kill some more, since he has a desire for the blood of teddybears. Who will stop this guy?

Camilla d'Errico Custom Android & Live Painting

A couple of weeks ago a Work-In-Progress photo surfaced of pop surrealist contemporary painter Camilla d'Errico working on a custom Android. She has finished the piece- and what a charming little girl she is! Bright blue eye a-twinkle, Camilla's signature traditional media style is very present when she, infrequently, paints designer toys.
Getting to watch Camilla paint on toys or canvas is mesmerizing- and Camilla will be live-painting at Emerald City Comic Con Fri Mar 1st in The Baltic Room 9:30pm. Hosted by outstanding female SuperGeek Molly McIsaac, artists David Mack, Carl Faulkner, Mark Brooks, Rebecca Watts, Camilla and many more will be live-painting into the night. The pieces the artists create will then be auctioned at ECCC the following day to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital.

If you're attending Emerald City, or in the Seattle area, you can find Camilla d'Errico at ECCC Artist Alley booth#B15-16 where she'll be celebrating a new Charity Print Release and her brand new Artbook release from Darkhorse Comics.
Find more of Camilla's artwork on her website, Facebook, Instagram @camilladerrico , Twitter @Helmetgirl or e-mail inquiries to