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February 19, 2013

Forrester by One-Eyed Girl

Just spotted on Facebook. What a great custom do we see here again!

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'BearAll' Grizzly Edition

RhymeSquare are releasing their second wave of 2" resin 'BearAll' figures this Friday - 22nd February 2013 at 12noon GMT at

Following from the first wave 'Polar' editions, these are the 'Grizzly' colourway (and in the flesh look just like milk chocolate!) produced by RhymeSquare and the mad casting skills of Tru:Tek from Man-E-Toys.

They will be £14 each, which includes free Worldwide shipping. The first wave sold out in less than an hour so if anyone wants one of these, they really do have to be quick! 

Apologies to Banksy Rude Copper vinyl figure

There's been a bunch of interest in the new vinyl figures by UK company Apologies to Banksy, so we thought we'd acquire some better images for all of you. This is a 6 inch vinyl figure called "Rude Copper." There's a smaller version as well.

"M=O/C" by Ardabus Rubber

Here we go again. This show will be so impressive!

Here are full pics of my 7" Munny for the Art Without Borders charity show this weekend. Titled "M=O/C: The Divine Proportions of Irrelevant Symmetry are Tiresome Within the Mathematical Measure of Beauty" and was inspired by a Mathematician named George Birkhoff, who had a theory that states beauty can be mathematically calculated and measured with the formula M=O/C, or Aesthetic Measure=Order/Complexity, where each variable has multiple factors and every line, shape and form in the piece can be given a number relating to the formula. This is just the basic outline of what Birkhoff theorized :)

I've also been trying to paint a toy the same way i paint a canvas ever since i started customizing toys 5 years ago, and this is the closest i've gotten so far. My favorite piece i've done in a long while!!!! - Ardabus Rubber

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