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February 18, 2013

Disney / Pixar 2.5-inch mystery figures by Funko up for preorder

 Preorder your Funko Disney / Pixar blind box minis here! 8 characters with 3 variations of each. Coming in March.

New Flawtoys War Customs drop today

Dutch artist and Flawtoys proprietor Sander D. has some new customs he calls War Mini Munny dropping today on the Flawtoys eStore. These brutal little fellas march onine at 24:00 CET - which is going to be 6PM EST(3PM PST) today.

I'm especially liking that one in the middle, his mask looks almost like dried peeling leather. Those hatchet and knife weilding ones are looking equally sinister- yet strangely adorable at the same time.

Watch out also for this little Dunny that is slated to hit the Flawtoys eStore along with them. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with flawtoys, their email is

Custom Dunny's by rxseven

This customizer has me eyes on him. Really dig the style that I see and I have the feeling we will see loads of wonderfull customs from him. Enjoy this series and take a look in his store!

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"Seraph Inifinitum" by FPlus

Another stunning piece for the Art Without Borders Show....

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HammerHai by Don P

Finished this set of two German Shark Dunny's. Hope you guys like this one!

This is how the set looks now..

The Wizard Triplet by Bash Projects

Amazing new Dunny's from Bash Projects. Freakin awesome story too!!!

Jacky had two brothers: Chrispy and Frosty. They were a magical triplet... they were all wizards from birth.

The triplet went to the same school for years and learned the same magic. But Jacky found an interest in a different kind of magic, he wanted to become a Voodoo Priest.

His brothers didn’t believe in voodoo and they thought he was stupid to go in that direction. They bullied him, called him names and even tried to put some spells on him. But everything they did to Jacky only made his magic grow stronger and stronger...

One day he had enough with all that bullying and punished his brothers! He shrunk them and banished them to horrible places.

Frosty was banished to the freezer and is known as “The Ice Cream Wizard”.

Crispy had to live the rest of his life in the oven and is called “The Flame Grilled Wizard”

Jacky “The Voodoo Priest” is their master now and he makes sure they don’t cause any trouble.
. - Bash

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Banksy DIY vinyl figures

So we're going to be stocking these Banksy DIY figures. They're made of vinyl and each is about 6 inches tall. Pretty rad. Retail price will be about $35ish. Who's diggin' these? Leave a comment!
If you want to keep on top of the arrival of these figures, either follow this blog or join our email list.

Captain Hippocampus by Rsin

Stunning custom from Rsin Art. Stunning concept!

Over a year ago a boardie asked me to custom another Horselington. I've been working on this for a few months off an on. I changed things and repainted it a few times. Pretty happy with the end result even if some things didn't work out for the final piece. As with the last Horselington I did, I have a story in mind to connect 6 of these customs once they are finished. Hippocampus is a creature said to have the head of a horse and a body of a serpent or fish. Therefore the name he received after defeating one of those beast. More on that story to come.-Rsin

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The latest works from Shadoe Delgado

The latest Micro Munny's and Dunny's from Shadoe Delgado. Love the use of colors!

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Some works from Darren Clegg

Darren Clegg is a man to look at. His style is a combination of sculpture and swirling. Really dig it and his concepts are great. Had to show these amazing works!

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