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February 16, 2013

FREE GIVEAWAY Contest: Toy Fair Exclusive Maisto 1949 Mercury

Toy Fair is always a good time, and the fun doesn't end when I leave the convention center... at night you get to see which of my fellow retailers have pillaged the vendors' freebies and are flipping them on eBay! Case in point: for the 2013 Toy Fair, the fine folks at Maisto made these exclusive 1:64 scale 1949 Mercurys in their awesome Muscle Machines line. This is basically a repaint of the purple 1949 Mercury that Maisto released in 2012.

If you check eBay, you can see these being flipped- successfully- for up to $60 each! That's a whole lot to pay for a 1:64-scale vehicle that should retail for $5.

At Tenacious Toys, we do not take advantage of the collectors like that. Instead, we're GIVING THESE AWAY. I'm keeping one (hey, I collect too), but I've set aside 3 to give away, for free, to members of our shops email list.

Here's the details of this giveaway: All members of our email list are entered to win. If you are not on the Tenacious Toys email list, click here to sign up. I promise not to spam you or give anyone your email. I email maybe once a week, if that.

The contest will end one week from today: February 23, 2013. On Sunday the 24th I will compile the list of newsletter subscribers and use to pick 3 winners.

Winners will be notified by email, where I will ask for your shipping address. That's it!

Extra added bonus: everyone who signs up for our email list gets a 10% off coupon code towards their next order.

Good luck! Click here to enter and please SHARE THIS POST on the Freebie message boards & websites!

VENENOR & 1SHOT TOYS Naspoth Phanost Glyos Resin

Fellow Glyos collectors and customizers take note, today at 12 EST - VENENOR & 1SHOT TOYS will be dropping their Battle Damaged Naspoth Phanost head! This Glyos compatible hunk of resin is modeled after the transformation of the traveler Phanost in one of the latest Glyos comic books by Ralph Niese.

The cost is $10 and it will be available in translucent neon pink and a solid plum purple that will closely match the official Onell Designs colors from that same wave.

Here are some shots of the original kitbash from VENENOR, which shows off the details and how the finished product can be painted to allow for a light piping effect.

Available at the 1SHOT TOYS STORE - 2/16 @ 12:00 EST

Der Hai by Don P

Made some changes on this it is done for me. It is a 3 inch Dunny, went a bit away with the sculpt lol.

Der Hai.................a German killer shark!