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February 13, 2013

"Otto" by Lickyourelbow

You will not believe this.....hell yeah another one for the Art Without Borders Show, a 7 inch Munny by Lickyourelbow. Love that Tiki there on his leg.

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      - Don P

Reactor-88 Phantom Totem Skullhead

The latest finished commission from Reactor-88. Extremely straight lines, awesome patterning.

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     - Don P

The Guardian Bot circa 1886

Guess what.....another one for the Art Without Borders Show (since it is for a good cause I will keep replying this name here haha). Love this 7 inch Munny by DeetTen.

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Grimsheeps entry for the Art Without Borders Show

They keep coming, excellent customs.....this one is from Grimsheep for the Art Without Borders Show (Keep typing this name here). It is a 7 inch Munny.

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Introducing the first Super Series Sundays release: Tenacious Toys Exclusive Species 246 resin figure by DuBose Art

Tenacious Toys is excited to announce the first exclusive release for Super Series Sundays! The Species 246 resin figure by DuBose Art is about 3 inches tall and is cast in resin dyed with Monster Kolor dyes- this color is Seashore Blue, and Jonathan DuBose finished the pieces by airbrushing various shades of C-Thru Monster Kolor paint, with Clear Coat on top. 

Recently discovered Species: 246 is a nocturnal reptile-like creature. With the aid of his large eyes and 2 mouths, Species: 246 is a apt night hunter with a ferocious little appetite. They can only be found only in the most dense and humid regions of the Amazon Rain Forest. Species: 246, aka "Ben" because of his cute and almost benign appearance. Don't let the big eyes fool you...when he bites, he bites twice. 

There are 10 pieces in this Exclusive colorway, all numbered and packaged in fancy black boxes. Extra stickers are included with each order.
Each figure is $35 and can be purchased here on our Super Series Sundays page.

The release for the DuBose Art Species 246 is 10PM EST this Sunday, February 17.

Join us on Feb 17th to kick off Super Series Sundays! Expect a new resin or custom toy series release each Sunday going forward!

DOTD Dunny's by MaloApril

Latest works from MaloApril (3 inch Dunny's)...

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Funko Disney Mystery Minis Vinyls Blind Boxes

Hmmm... maybe I should get these 2.5" tall blind boxed Disney figures from Funko? Lookin cool! Spotted online here:
Funko Disney Mystery Minis Vinyls Blind Boxes: Vinylmation Killer? - Vinylmation Park
Who's into this upcoming series?

Droogies by MannyX

MannyX presents his Droogies, awesome packaging too!

Here is my next batch of customs. These Droogies are made from vinyl, resin, plastic, enamel, and acrylic and stands about 4" tall. accessories. Its a bit difficult to tell from the pictures but they have a couple layers of gouache that gives it a cool grimy look.  Each comes with cane and cigarette accessories and packaged in a handmade blistercard. Only 3 of these are available with one being a glow in the dark chase. They go on sale for $40+ shipping.

Jack Frost Dunny by BetsO

Keep on saying stunning stunning stunning pieces for the Art Without Borders Show...

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      - Don P 

"Save Me" by Jc Rivera

It is going to be Art Without Border Show day here on Tenacious. We bring you all the goodness haha. Jc Rivera nailed this 7 inch Munny...

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Stitches and Glue news

Some news from Stitches and Glue......have to say amazing QiQi custom!

2013 is off to a flying start, with a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline and fantastic shows coming up in the next few months, which we can't wait to share with you. We may have already mentioned that we will be one of the exhibitors at the UK's first ever Designer Toy Convention, ToyConUk on April 6th . It's gearing up to be a fabulous show, with many artists showing off their custom creations and exclusive bespoke Art toys as well as group custom toy projects on display. We will also be taking part in Clutter Magazines Plush Art Show in New York in April! Exciting stuff eh. We've got a number of other projects here to show you, that we've been busy making over the last few months since we last shared. Including the latest new pieces in our collectors store, recent customs and works in progres

Only 3 to be ever produced. Rare Luxury Twin Horned monster pelt.


Our finished custom Qi Qi, for Toycon Uk Exhib. He’s called Ren, the moth :) A real mix of mediums here. Hand sculpted features with flocked body and antenna. Taxidermy eyes and some crazy mesh wings. 

100 Metre Cage Wheel Champ 2012- limited edition
Seb here recently came out of retirement to compete in this years Monster Olympics. He triumphed and became the 2012, 100 Metre Cage Wheel Champion. This national treasure is now looking for a loving, sporty home to return to his retirement and coach up and coming monster talent in the future.
And as if that wasn't enough, here are some more large custom monster critters to come out of the studio, that were kindly given as Christmas pressies.

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"BONES" by David Kraig

The Art Without Borders Show is dominating our custom news....another crazy work, this time a 4 inch Munny from David Kraig.

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