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February 10, 2013

"Big Top" by Lickyourelbow

Just spotted this stunning set of custom Micro Munnys on Facebook. Speechless!

Well i finally finished this set of circus themed micro munnys for a very patient collector! The carousel is all hand made from wood and then painted and the munnys were all hand painted as well. hope you enjoy! - Lickyourelbow

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      - Don P

Dark Horse x Toy2R Neon Domo Qee Series now in stock open box

We now have the FULL 15-piece 2-inch Neon Domo Qee Series in stock, open box. That means we've opened up all the blind boxes, shot some pictures (because the internet was low on pics of this series), and resealed and labeled each box. We are now selling identified figures here on our website. You can also check out the rest of our Domo offerings on our Domo page.

The Neon Domo Series of 2-inch figures is a bit confusing: there are actually 2 different types of figures in this series- traditional glow-in-the-dark figures, and blacklight-reactive figures. We went to the trouble of cataloging all 15 of the different figures and shooting pics. Feel free to use and share these images. Toy2R should have taken the shots, but they didn't, so we did.

TEASER: Super Series Sundays at Tenacious Toys

We are pleased to announce the impending launch of Super Series Sundays at Tenacious Toys! Sunday evenings will be our new official drop time of artist exclusive series of resin and custom figures. We are aiming to drop one series per week, and we will be posting a drop schedule on the SSS page as soon as we nail down a few more dates. Expect Super Series Sundays to launch next Sunday, February 10th. More info will be released this week!

Kisho the Urban Medic Ninja

Another stunning 7 inch Munny for the Art Without Borders Show at the Art Whino Galllery, this time by Roar With Lukas. You just have to love this whole package, awesome work!

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Carnival of Cadiz by WuzOne

The latest 3 inch Dunny from WuzOne, extremely colorfull!

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Mongolian Ape Warrior by Don P

Here is my latest Dunny. He is part of a set of two. I recently showed my Chuckboy Dunny here and this guy will be his new friend. The set is based on an old vs future warrior theme. Hope you guys like this 3 inch Dunny.


Troymartinart has made this great looking Android for his store. He will upload soon more to his store, since he is working on a series of them.

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Chainsaw Panda - Pause x Kevin Gosselin

No words for this one....a HYPE has come to us...

Limited to only 30 pieces. Each 5.5" tall Panda and its articulated chainsaws are sculpted, cast in solid resin, and hand assembled by Kevin Gosselin in the United States. They are then shipped to Canada where they are hand painted and packaged by Eric Pause. Securely set in laser-cut black sponge, and packed in a custom hand-made and decorated wooden crate. The crates come complete with a removable padlock and metal chain, laser-etched bamboo key chain, and individually signed and numbered printed cards. Each piece retails for $250 (USD) and is available at at 12pm (EST) February 21st 2013 The Chainsaw Panda piece is made entirely in the USA and Canada.