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February 5, 2013

The 2nd Avenue Trading Card Convention

February 16th, 2013
7pm to 11pm
at Toy Tokyo Underground
(91 Second Avenue, NYC)

This second annual event will feature trading cards galore,
including the just-released The Art Hustle Series 3, Buff Monster's Melty Misfits,
Suckadelic Suckpax, Sidekick's My Father's Record Collection and Curiosity on Mars,
as well as many other oddities, rarities and cardboard delights!

There will be beer courtesy of Beerlao!
There will be beats courtesy of The Crystal Pharoah!
There will be a sketch card table with event exclusive sketch cards!

Special appearances by The Sucklord, Buff Monster and L'amour Supreme
and who knows who else may show up!

Sidekick Lab will be in full effect, live printing and personally stamping cards with an exclusive
gold stamp commemorating the event (one card per pack purchased, buyers choice!)

**Don't sleep on this. It will be a trading card bacchanal!**

Shadoe Delgado's new Custom Tequila

Shadoe Delgado has really done it this time- his new custom Tequila is sure to blow you away. Shadoe's custom toys have been moving in a sculptural direction, and these removable wing additions and protruding mask take the Tequila platform to a new plane. While he's recognizable for his use of mask imagery, this is a new type for Shadoe, coming farther forward in 3 dimensions than his other mask work. It's great to see his work continue to develop and exercize new possibilities.
Shadoe's attention to detail is impecable- he has even lined the accompanying custom painted Poncho with leather to protect the body from scratches.
Shadoe has been carefully constructing ways of removing prodruding pieces like those wings via peg systems, which can be viewerd in Work In Progress photos on his Instagram @shadoedelgado
More of his work can be found here , or drop him a line directly at
Shadoe's making a move to a new studio location, so if you're interested in commissioned work he has details about timeframes and availability, if you drop him a line by email above.
Keep it up Shadoe!

ZILLAPUG 05 by SquareFrogDesigns

Another stunning custom  Munny from SquareFrogDesigns, it is up for grabs so this is your chance to own an amazing custom from this excellent artist!

New zillapug custom to the tribe. £80 if anyone is interested, made to order, can specify colour.

Follow SquareFrogDesigns here:
      - Don P 

Toy Break 24 Hour Episode Deadbeet Exclusives!

This Friday at 5pm PST there will be a special 24-hour episode of Toy Break, and George has let it be known that there will be 3 exclusive Deadbeets available during the show. These adorable purple baby Deadbeets in metallic or plain purple, and an unrevealed full-sized vinyl Deadbeet for the truly worthy.-WolverineBurger

Rivals: Steampunk Designer Toys on Kickstarter

 "In the deepest of the deep seas in the darkest of the deep depths lies the Lurk. Here only the strong survive. The Rivalry has begun."

Rivals is a Steampunk designer toy line. The COG and the NAUTILUS battle for control under the sea. Each figure is 4 inches tall and has a fun and quirky backstory.

Become a backer at Kickstarter!

Alto x DMS Skelevex premiering at ToyCon UK!

Alto ( and DMS ( have unveiled their new collaboration, Skelevex, in all its glory.

Picking up on the signature faceted aesthetic of Evil Origami, the angular skull will be making its full debut at April's ToyCon UK.

Psssstt... it's BIG!