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February 1, 2013

Lunar New Year Android Giveaway!

Fun gets bigger when you share it! And generous G+ Android Community member Mr. Jim Long is hosting a helpful giveaway to share some highly sought-after Androids to new collections.
What are we looking forward to seeing given away, you ask?
1st - Chinese New Year 2012 set of 3 - Blessing, Longevity and Fortune.
2nd - Cai Shen Android Mini from 2011
3rd - Android Mini Dancing Lion from 2013
4th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
5th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
6th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
7th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
8th - undisclosed - Lucky Red Envelope contents unknown ;-)
1st-7th may contain a bonus....
There are 3 steps to jump in on this giveaway action!
1. Comment in this post HERE

2. Answer the following questions in an email to
  • a. What object or item do you consider to be good luck?
  • b. What other events would you love to see celebrated by an Android Mini release in the future?
  • c. Are there any features you loved in previous releases that you'd like to see revisited? And why?
3. The hard part - Wait patiently until the 5th Feb, 2013 for winners to be announced. Contest is open NOW, closes on Feb 4th, 2013. Hurry up and win!
Feedback collected is helpful to the community and future release considerations, so your thoughtful answers are appreciated! Good luck and good fortune!


Uncle starts this year awesome!

Uncle Studio starts this year with these creepy and amazing customs. Enjoy them!

Plague - Coarse PAW

Nagol - Big Bad Buddha

DP - Dude

Bella - Two Faced Hazel 

Follow Uncle here:
 - Don P

Da Crusher Dunny Series 1

A new resin series by Shawn Wigs and friends...

Ok Peoples The Artist have finished and the Series is Ready to drop !!!!! The Release date is Thursday Feb 7th at 12 Noon EST ..on my site )   There is 24 Total in Series 1 ,  Each Artist did 1 Figure Excpet JC Rivera did 2 & I did 15 .. This are Hand caste resin & Hand painted By each Artist .. Very Excited about this Series Came Out Amazing !!! Good Luck Hope you get the One u Want. -Shawn Wigs

Some designs in this series!

The artists in this series are Shawn Wigs, Mike Die, Rsin, Ian Ziobrowski, Fakir, Jason Jacenko, JC Rivera, Task Oner and Billy Roids.

2” Domo Qee Neon Series coming soon

These colorful 2-inch Domo figures by Dark Horse x Toy2r will be available open-box at $8.99 each. Full complete sets will also be available. Watch our Domo page for these to pop up.

Red Helper Dragon for February!

According to Rotofugi, red is the color of love, but also of violence and aggression. It must be both, because their Helper Dragon (designed and sculpted by Tim Biskup) continues its war on my heart with this new monthly shade of the first blow-molded polyethylene Roto-A-Matic figure.

Fortunately, it's yours with a handwritten COA from their online store for only $6, or you can go to their Chicago gallery and see one made for yourself!

Glyos Drop: Operation Sonesidar

Be sure to catch the latest Glyos drop at 9:30 PM EST tonight!

Sonesidar Defense Force w/ new Mini Blocker Rigs


This drop is notable for the premiere of a new Rig configuration in vinyl (The Mini Blocker) and the second release of the Armorvor with its variant Syclodoc head. The first colorway sold out instantly at the last drop and this Transformers inspired version likely will too. There is a generous mix of Travelers, Glyans and other PVC accessory packs (such as the phase arm, hub, and axis sets) in several color choices as well as yet another of the wildly popular Armorvors - the Sonesidar Mimic. If you are not already collecting this line and exploring its customizing potential - then you are BEHIND THE TIMES, kid!
Don't hesitate - they'll go quick!
Right here at Onell Design (9:30 PM EST)

Tommy the clown by Bash

The first Dunny from Bash, this guy is coming like a comet in this scene. Bash is open for commissions, just hit him up.

Tommy the clown was a lonely clown... He had no wife, no kids, not even a dog or cat...he was all alone. But one day he was doing his show and made a balloon animal that was different then the rest. The balloon had something special to it. With this balloon Tommy didn't feel that he was alone any more. Tommy the clown was a lonely clown... but not anymore! People think it strange but he doesn't care...Tommy the clown is best friends with a blow-up doll! -Bash

Follow Bash here:

F#@% You Pay Me print by Soujohn drops today for $1.33

Are you friggin kidding me? A 9 x 12 inch print for $1.33??? Umm, yes please. I just bought one!!

Here's the copy:

Looks like payday is upon us, and Soujohn sent over some news that sounds kinda urgent. Aside from the update that the first print in the Big Payoff print series ("1 True Love") drops today, it seems like Hoodley may have gotten himself into some trouble. Hoodley snatched a armful of what he thought was sheets of gold from some art yuppy, but it turned out to be pearlized paper and now he needs to get it off his hands quick; before someone drops a dime on him…cuz he did it in broad daylight of course.

So his team made some extremely limited prints ("F#%@ You Pay Me"), but in order to get rid of them they're letting them go at $1.33. And if they can't sell everything by 1:33pm (Eastern) they're just gonna have to burn the evidence.

Check the webstore for more details.

MannyX has been busy!

MannyX announces some new products, good to hear from you again MannyX!
I have a couple things Im releasing this coming weekend. 

The first is " Decapitated Gobi"  The figure stands about 1" tall and about 2" wide at the base. It comes bagged with header card and includes removable cranium top in order expose the glow in the dark brain.
The is a limited run 6 including one chase figure that has a blue GID brain. They are priced at $13+shipping

Next I have laser etched wooden pins, keychains, and necklaces. 
Pins are $2+shipping, keychains are $3+shipping and the necklaces are $10+shipping

Finally I have a couple of back stock Zombie Candy corn from the last Dcon. These creepy little dudes stand at around 3" tall and 2.5" wide. They are made from a translucent green resin, sculpted by the talented Cash Cannon and casted and painted by Manny X. Each one comes bagged with a header card, sticker and candy corn. 
Painted are $35+shipping and unpainted are $30+shipping 

They all go on sale this Saturday February 2nd at 12 (noon) pacific here

The Ultimate Avenger Paw Raw!

Probably the best custom I have ever seen from Sekure D. Totally amazed by all the things to look at on this one. Stunning work!

Wow, where to begin with this bad boy! This represents months of work, it might not like the most intriciate design to begin with but I can assure you this is probably the most labor intensive custom I have made to date, it was just ridiculously consuming. There is approximately 700 scales on the body of Captain America all of which have a drop shadow and then the green and reds I used were unfortunately horrible opaque. Anyways the areas of this I like best and the drops and areas of highlighting, overall I am stoked with this design. We did not fit all the Avengers in there and as you can probably tell I absolutely created a scale of importance with who I did use however this is how I felt the design could be best accomplished. -Sekure D

Follow Sekure D here: