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January 30, 2013

Blinded by Love full reveal

This is the 'mostly' full reveal for all artists, for the Blinded by Love 4" Munny Blind Box Series 1, curated by Dave Webb / DAVEMARKART

All pieces include an art card.

The mystery piece will be by Dave and remain a mystery for awhile.

The series itself has 14 blinds total, from 8 artists, with a chance at two different Golden 'Tickets' entitling the winner to a free custom from Davemarkart or Matt Frost (and the tickets are actually mini figures!)

US$100 each, on sale Feb 5th @ 5pm US Mountain Time

Fuller Dynasty: Chinese Warrior

Another one from Fuller....this guy is busy!

This was a commission. The owner wanted a Chinese Warrior style custom, but wanted him to represent the artist in some way. So this is my Chinese Warrior. Half magic and have bad rump warrior. He is a professional assassin in the art of the bow and arrow. Of course I am none of that, but hey... he's my warrior dammit! -James Fuller

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Deadpool Munny by Fuller

We all know that Fuller is at his best when he is doing some comic customs....masterpiece!

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Unicorno DedHed by Joe Ded

Just spotted this awesome deal from Joe Ded for only 40 dollars. Contact Joe through his Facebookpage.

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Noob Saibot by Don P

Don P is killing it LOL....

Noob Saibot, 7 inch Munny

JDBrockin of Mind of the Masons - GIVE AWAY!!

I love give aways...

Today I hit a milestone I've been watching out for over on Instagram, 200 followers! I know that it isn't that large of a number compared to others out there but I was stoked that it has gotten that high. To show some love to the fans of my art, I am doing a Free Munny Give Away!!! All you have to do is head over to my Facebook Business Page, "Mind of the Masons" and like the page!!! THAT'S IT! My goal is to hit over 200+ Likes, once that goal has been met, I will randomly pick from my followers to receive a Free Micro Masonic Munny Robot!!!

Here are some examples from my work. -JDBrockin

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One of the most amazing YODA custom I have ever seen. This is a Mini Munny. Stunning work!

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Dead Mario Mascot, X Bot and Codename Dude

Sekure D is killing it....

This was a private commission by an awesome collector who gave me a picture of a tshirt design which was the cover of Super Mario Brothers 2 but Mario had a scull face with the kaws style jawline. I didn't want to make it look like a Kaws piece so I flipped the shape of the jaw around a touch and went to town on it with my own style. Stoked with how it come out. 

This bot is also for the same collector who let me do whatever I wanted, just had fun with this one, already had a few people contact me to grab it after a crappy instagram picture but its spoken for, this was just a fun custom. 

3" Dudebox custom for DopeVinyls upcoming blind box series!

Hope you guys like them I should have a few more Dunnys and a Paw finished this week then its onto some 8" Dunnys and a Tequila! Good times! - Sekure D

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