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January 24, 2013

Mad Robber Mutation by Nikejerk

Totally missed this one from Nikejerk, awesomeness!

This is my custom 8" Mad Robber Mutation Dunny I've titled The DiAnimator.

"The Mad Robber had expertly infiltrated the KR head quarters found what he had come for and was making his way out when he thought to himself... it was far too quiet. For weeks all he'd heard was how the Dunny vault was impenetrable but just as he thought it was no match for the worlds greatest thief. He was steps away from being home free when the ceiling caved in and all went black. He had no idea what had happened so when he came to, saw a wrecked spaceship and realized he wasn't hurt, he didn't stick around to find out who or what it was. What the robber didn't know was he was already exposed to the J3 and he would soon mutate into something even darker than what he already was. Something more sinister. The Robber would soon be the undead — The DiAnimator." -Nikejerk

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EECHone is swirling away!

EECHone is swirling away. When you are interested in a swirled custom, than hit this guy up!
First Android I did. I like the figure. Not to swirly on the body to keep te orange, and keep it EECH.

Blue swirled dunny. Commission piece for a UK collector -EECHone

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  - Don P

Kwadro King by Bjornik

The latest Dunny's from Bjornik....After a long and arduous journey, the four sisters were united with the kings whose hearts they captured.

Kai of the north kingdom was a ruthless and iron-fisted ruler. Only two things could crack his callous exterior: his beloved canary whose warbling could instantly turn him into a big, doting marshmallow, and Qortni's temper which made him tremble worse than jelly in a railroad car. He enjoyed both.
Kavan of the east kingdom was a debonair gentleman, full of charm and grace. He made all the ladies in the kingdom swoon and bat their eyes. Unfortunately for them, he only had eyes for Quilla whom he showered with gifts and affection. One look from him, and she could feel her heart flutter like a thousand butterflies. Kavan and Quilla were completely and utterly in love.

Kendl of the south kingdom was a benevolent and generous king. Most of the time he was very jolly and cheerful -- except when Quiana beat him at games, which happened to be all the time. Everyone in the kingdom regarded Kendl and Quiana as the lucky couple.
  Kinah of the west kingdom was enormously wealthy, with rooms filled with gold and gems and all sort of trophies. Whatever King Kinah desired, he got. So it frustrated him to no end that the only thing he could not get was Quarta's satisfaction and approval. She was always highly suspicious that whatever she did not have was actually better. Kinah and Quarta were constantly craving for more.
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A custom Android by Grimsheep

You just have to love this one. Typically made in the Grimsheep style!

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Cheshire Cat Android by Stuart Witter

I love this style, so clean so extremely well executed!

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  - Don P

Dave of the Deep by DMS

DMS made this custom QiQi for the Toycon 2013 project. Awesome work. 

Discovered by the Salty Sea Dog himself - Captain Yampy. This specimen can now be found in the Cornish Museum of Coastal Curiosities. Named by it's discoverer 'Dave of the Deep'. -DMS

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     - Don P

Mike Die does KidrobotNY on Feb 9th!!

Mike Die showed us on Instagram these two 3inch Dunny's for his solo show @KidrobotNY on Feb 9th. This is going to be an awesome show!

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 - Don P

Breaking Bad Munny by Mone Art

An excellent painted 7 inch Munny by Mone Art. Enjoy!

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    - Don P 

Kurai Akuma by AVATAR666

Just look at this awesome custom Tequila from AVATAR666. Insane sculptwork!

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Latest works from Don P

Here are my latest works, hope you guys like them!- Don P 

Apocalyptic Assassins, 3 inch Bots

Only Mother Nature Can Judge Me by Bash

Since I really dig this custom skull, no idea what the platform is called, I had to post it. Love the color of the brains combinated with the gold and the wood effect. Stunning piece!

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