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January 15, 2013

Flawtoys War Customs Series Drops Today

Dutch artist and Flawtoys proprietor, Sander Dinkgreve, is dropping his War Custom series over at Flawtoys eStore.
This custom series is composed of 6 different customs across varying platforms; 7" Munny, 4" Munny, 4" Zukie, 4" Teddy Troop, 3" Dunny and 2.5" Labbit joined by 2 accompanying paintings on canvas.

"The War customs are creatures born into a hostile environment. The creatures all teamed up to form a respective clan. They have wooden mask and patches to prevent themselves from getting killed or hurt." - Sander D.

Each custom is hand sculpted and painted. Each piece features a unique combination of roughly textured, weathered, organic-looking masks and sharp, clean, seamless paint application.

You can find each of these 6 customs on Flawtoys eStore here! For any questions or feedback, drop Sander a line at

RSIN x outsmART originals: THE CROWN T-shirt & Beanie

RSIN x outsmART originals present – THE CROWN (limited edition t-shirt and beanie)

outsmART originals proudly announces the next incredibly designed t-shirt in their 2013 lineup: THE CROWN by RSIN! We are also introducing a brand new item to our collection, an 8” knit beanie featuring an embroidered RSIN crown crest!

As an additional super bonus, RSIN has agreed to create an original custom 4” Dunny that will be given to one lucky customer! All you have to do is purchase one of these new items and you will be automatically entered into the drawing for the custom. It’s good to be king!

Taken from the original NYCC 2012 edition tee, this latest incarnation will be screen-printed on a black ULTRA COTTON t-shirt for that classic and comfortable fit (remaining ultra soft without being clingy) available for men and women. The shirt will retail for only $20.00. The Beanie, featuring an embroidered CROWN logo by RSIN, is a one-size-fits-all 8″ knit style cap for $15.00 each. To make this an extra special deal – you can purchase both items for just $30.00 – that’s a $5.00 savings! Both items are guaranteed to ship by February 8th.

Available to preorder at

Remember, every item purchased will count as an individual entry for your chance to win an original 4” Dunny by one of the hottest designer toy artists in the realm. The more you buy, the better your chances – reserve yours today and wear the Crown proudly.

Troll Slayer Bot by Don P

First custom from 2013 for me. Loads to follow the coming weeks. Hope that you guys like it!

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Cleopatra Mist Bot, Circa 1886 by DeeTen

Another awesome steampunk piece (Ghost Girl) from DeeTen, in his typically style. Really dig the mask and of course the tubing!

The expedition of 1886 into the parallel reality recorded their encounters with these mist bots. While our expedition was touring the 13 great cities of the other realm, they came across the city of Cleopatra. The city seemed to appear out of the mist of the mountains that surrounded its valley location. When one arrives at Cleopatra they are given special vision devices that allow its user to see through the thick fog as if it were not present at all. Our travelers marveled at the thought of a city constantly shrouded in mist so thick the actually boundaries of the city are those of the fog that engulfs it. A poor man of ours actually found himself incarcerated for bottling up some mist as a keepsake. While touring the magnificent gold spires and towers our explorers came across these mist emitters. They were seen floating about through the streets and gathering around buildings releasing mist at a constant slow flow rate. When asked about what purpose they filled, the people of Cleopatra shrugged, rather comically in fact. Old folklore of the city tells that they were present when the city was constructed. In fact, they are the machines that provided the thick mist that blankets the city in moisture. The mist also protects the city from the unusually high concentration of solar rays that bombard the area. The citizens of the city gave the machines no attention, which we presumed normal for their society. However, our expedition was teaming with ideas about what a machine such as this could promise. Several of these bots were given to our expedition as gifts for the betterment of our world. This particular bot returned with us to our reality, fully functional, until the portal between the worlds closed. At that moment the bot fractured and crashed to the ground, as well as all of the other technology brought over. All attempts to reanimate the bot have failed.

This piece is now available at

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Sisters of death "MIQUITL" & "XOCHTL"

Jump Jumper Ant made these two excellent Munny's. They are looking extremely clean and are having some excellent details, just look for yourself!

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     - Don P

Wolfie by JFury

Grab this awesome 3 inch Dunny in JFury's store, it is up for sale now!

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     - Don P