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January 14, 2013

Green Panda Gazer Bust by Angry Woebots x Lightsleepers

Aaron "Angry Woebots" Martin and Lightsleepers are releasing a "Green Hawaiian" colorway of the Panda Gazer Bust, through Silent Stage Gallery. This latest release is different from the rest, in that it's not limited by quantity, but it is only going to be available for a limited time. This means that everyone will have a chance to snag one, as long as you make your purchase during the timed release.

Available for $150 plus shipping, now through Thursday, January 18, 2013. This latest Green clear resin colorway is looking like the last colorway of the Gazer Bust.  So, make sure to pick one up or be sad when this panda bust goes extinct, just like the Panda King.

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Me Man by Tim "timselF" Munz

A new week means the next reveal for Red Mutuca's Superish Dunny Series. This week's custom design is by Tim "timselF" Munz, called "Me Man", a narcissistic pretty boy who flies around with a mirror.

From Red Mutuca:
Aside from Todd McFarlane's Spawn, super-heroes tend to be rather pretty boy types. In fact, if you told me that as Superman flew by some highly reflective skyscraper windows that he felt the need to stop and check out his baby blues & pearly whites then I'd totally believe you. And, trust me, this has everything to do with Tim "timselF" Munz's "Me-Man." And, let's face it, if we were as stunningly perfectly painted as Me-Man is, we'd be checking ourselves out in our tiny wee hand-made mirror accessories too! Sporting a real cloth cape, there's something about this figure's brilliantly made nose that I just can't stop staring at. If you're hoping to pull one of these narcissistic beauties for yourself, then good luck…  there will only be 3 of them in the series.
I'm really digging the concept and design of Tim's Dunnys. It's too bad that there are only 3. The limited number should make this design highly sought after. The Superish series by Red Mutuca has a small batch of blind boxes that will go on sale once all the Dunnys are complete and ready to ship. Hopefully that will be in the next month or so. All the artists involved are creating some great pieces.

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- Mark-Anthony