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January 9, 2013

Clutter Gallery's (In)Action Figure Show

Clutter Magazine has just announced their new, multi-artist Designer Toy exhibition. "The (In)Action Figure show" is a group custom art toy show. The show focuses on elevating the traditional action figure and will have it's opening reception at the Clutter Gallery (163 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508) on January 12, 2013 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Participating artists include:
  • 2bitHack
  • 4 the Luv of Toyz NY (Cash Cannon)
  • Big Man Toys
  • Brutherford
  • Butcher Brand
  • Danny Frankenstein
  • The Disarticulators (Tru:Tek, Zectron & Big Man Toys)
  • Eric Nilla
  • From the Styx Toys
  • Fuie Shokai
  • Galaxxor (Ben Spencer)
  • Josh Longo
  • Healeymade
  • Killer Bootlegs
  • L'amour Supreme
  • ManOrMonster?
  • MonsterPants
  • October Toys
  • Ron English
  • Scott Wilkowski x Sucklord
  • Triclops Studio
Also Debuting at the Show... The "Suckadelic Suckpax" limited edition screen print

"The infamous Sucklord has once again teamed-up with Clutter, bringing you the "Suckadelic Suckpax" limited edition, four-color, screen print. The Suckadelic Suckpax print will make it's debut at the Clutter Gallery (In)Action Figure Show taking place this Saturday. Embracing the retro design of trading card wax packaging straight out of the '80s, this colorful classic is sure to make you smirk as you gaze upon the man himself, wearing his notorious Boba Fett helmet, carrying a ghetto blaster! Based upon the Suckpax Series 2 release's art, we're not sure if buying this will make you an asshole… but you'll certainly feel like one if you don't!"

Pon by Loz Hausofboz

Jups, posting girly customs too....great sculpting and paintwork!

Just knocked out this cute little chap. Not too shabby for an evening. This is a custom QiQi for Project QiQi, at Toycon 2013, London, this April. His name is Pon, and he's an excellent swimmer. He's also very good at finding worms. Naturally. - Loz Hausofboz

Follow Loz Hausofboz here

Ocean themed customs by Color Chemist

Just look at this amazing set of ocean themed customs by Color Chemist. Quality stuff!

Folow Color Chemist here:
      - Don P 

Resin Minifigs for Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown by Bailey Records & Papagrim Toys

KAIJU KAOS is a tabletop miniatures game where two or more players pit their hand-painted metal and resin armies against one another. KAIJU KAOS is a strategic skirmish game. It’s not just a matter of lining up models on the table and the person who goes first is the winner. KAIJU KAOS requires cunning and adaptability because at any time an opponent can drastically alter the current situation with an unexpected action or a lucky roll of the dice. A solid strategy and good implementation combined with a little luck will enable the weakest troopers to bring down the mightiest monster. There are various unnamed troopers and specialists to build armies with, but the true heart of KAIJU KAOS is in the characters – whether they’re human, Kaijin, or colossal Kaiju bent on destroying everything in their path.

KAIJU KAOS: SMACKDOWN is a “death match” variation of KAIJU KAOS where players quickly battle using one or more 45mm tall character models on a 2x2 foot tabletop. The object of the game is to be the last model standing by defeating your enemies. Every faction in KAIJU KAOS, along with a healthy dose of Mercenaries, will be represented in SMACKDOWN.

New character models will be released regularly through their webstore at Acheson Creations. Rules, stat sheets, and official game aides can be purchased at 

KAIJU KAOS is a new Intellectual Property of Bailey Records. Learn more at

“Since it’s conception, I’ve dreamed big with KAIJU KAOS and have wanted to tear down traditional barriers within the industry,” said Bryan Borgman, Bailey Records’ owner and KAIJU KAOS miniatures game designer.  “Besides making a miniatures game using colossal monster miniatures, we have a full-length soundtrack, and now collectable, designer toys that are fully compatible with KAIJU KAOS in addition to highlighting their own special version of the game called SMACKDOWN.”

“When I decided I wanted to try and break into the designer toy market with original ideas, I sought out the talented Steven Patt (aka oOMoSOo) at Papagrim Toys to be my collaborator and primary sculptor. In early 2012, Steven released his own limited edition minifigures in a series called Nuked! and he has a familiarity with tabletop gaming. Over the past several months we have been working behind-the-scenes in preparation for this launch. On Friday you will see the first fruits of our collaboration when we release:

·         Orcco the Everfolk, the Martial Artist Orchid Titan champion
·         Earwig the Insectien, the Scout Specialist Battler Beetle
·         Atticus the Wicked Werewolf, the vicious Saboteur!

“Each set of minifigures will contain one of each character sculpt and the initial release will be limited to 40 sets cast in black resin. In addition to sculpting, Steven is handling all the production of the initial release. 
The sets will be released online this Friday evening at 8pm EST at for $25.00 a set. Once the limited edition black sets sell, regular production of each figure will resume at Acheson Creations in our standard gray color. More limited edition colors may appear from time to time if demand warrants. More sets will be released quarterly throughout 2013.”

Latest works from NEMO

The latest works from NEMO. When you are interested in work from NEMO, than have a look in our store!

Custom Zombie Toki Tooth Tiger

Custom Mimobot, "Tiki Tyme" 4 ich

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SquareFrogDesigns is working hard on his series of 11 custom Micro Munny's. This guy is going for a huge success, he is making is own box-art and will add a set of stickers. Totally awesome. You can pre-order your Micro Munny with sending him a message Price will be £28/ $45 + postage. Official launch will be friday, but I reckon that they will go fast. Go for it!

Follow SquareFrogDesigns here:
      - Don P 

Custom Gumdrops by Jc Rivera

Keep an eye on his store this weekend, these little amazing guys will be available in his store.
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Pimper's paradise by Melodreama

The latest from Melodreama...

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  - Don P

Backstar Fonzo by Scott Tolleson

This custom Fonzo is another awesome addition to My Plastic Heart and Freakstore's Fonzo Love NY show. Really dig the use of vectors in this one, amazing piece!

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Custom Dude by RunDMB

The latest from RunDMB, a 3 inch custom Dude. Looking sweet!

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Bitsumo by JPK

Look at this awesome custom from Jon-Paul Kaiser...

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Carl Short Horn by Umetoys

Another stunner from Umetoys. Love the fact that this monster has a moustache. Great sculpting and paintwork!

Say hello to Carl Short Horn - he's a custom & inch KidRobot Munny for the Art Whino show "Art Without Borders" - for more information head on over to

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To Bee Dead - Liver Failure

 Look at this awesome job from Loaf Ninja...

Here is the next toy we are launching, It features artist Loaf Ninja and will be released this Friday (1/11/13) at 12pm est for $125.00. on

Florida street art blog is teaming up with Orlando based artist Loaf Ninja to release his new custom toy titled "To Bee Dead- Liver Failure". It is a one of a kind 3" Munny created using acrylics and super sculpey. This Munny is based off his current series of paintings, "To Bee Dead". The series came about when he stumbled upon a quote from Albert Einstein, “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!”

"Liver Failure" woke up to the realization that the bees had all passed away. He then took to drinking, heavily, until his liver gave out and he too seized to exist.

You can purchase "To Bee Dead-Liver Failure" this Friday on More Than Sunshines shop page here at 12pm est.

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