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January 7, 2013

Bruce by Infinite Rabbits

The latest creation of Infinite Rabbits (4 inch Munny). Totally out of this world!

Bruce is a bit near sighted and just wants a closer look. Sometimes he gets a little grabby...

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     - Don P

Migoi Snow Bear by Teddyman

Teddyman started 2013 good with this marsmallow eating bear. Love the comical concept of this one. Enjoy!

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     - Don P 

ArcticTigerSquad by Mike Die

The latest 3 inch Dunny from Mike Die. Love the vibrant colors on this one and the clean lines are top notch. Mike your rock!

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Mizzzter REM for Superish by Igor Ventura

Over the last few weeks, the folks at Red Mutuca Studios have been revealing artist creations for their first 3" Dunny Mini Series called "Superish". The latest reveal is "Mizzzter REM" by Igor Ventura.

Description of Mizzzter REM from Red Mutuca:
During the day, he's an average Joe; a hard worker, but he has no girls, no friends and no fun. But then, when the night falls and he is under his sheets, a strange and unexplainable force takes over: his ordinary life is suddenly extraordinary!
Running through the streets, chasing bad guys, bringing justice to those in need! Mizzzter REM, accompanied by his faithful sidekick Leaping Flock, owns the night!
Too bad he can't remember his own adventures when he reads about them in the news…

The lines are clean on the pajamas of this little Superish hero and he even comes with a faithful little sheep sidekick(all handmade from scratch, 1 at a time). The nighttime face mask and cape are great accessories and really do this character justice. This series is shaping up to be epic.

Red Mutuca have been releasing a new design every week for the last few weeks, building up to the last release of available blind boxes. A huge amount of the series is already sold out, though previous presales. The remaining 40 blind boxes are going to be highly sought after and probably sell out quickly after being available. So, don't sleep and stay up to date with all of the Red Mutuca news.

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Christopher the Cursed Rabbit by Bash

This guy is coming like a comet into the customizing scene. I have to say that I love the effect that he gaved this PAW. The berries are a nice touch on this custom, it gives something extra to look at. I personally hope that he will use this style on more customs, with some more things to look at like leaves, animals and characters. I also love the fact that this custom tells a story, here it is...

Christopher loves to eat pink berries out of the garden of the witch. The witch had enough of him stealing the berries and cursed him in the worst possible way: she turned Christopher into a wooden statue and now uses him as storage for the ripe, sweet berries..

Bash is having a unique style and I reckon that he will be busy soon with commissions. When you are interested in a custom from Bash than hit him up here.

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Doctor Who Series 1 x Lunartik

New from Lunartik comes this collaboration with BBC and Titan merchandise. They are available for preorder now for 7.99 pounds a piece. The set contains a total of 14 figures with 12 commons and 4 chases. Check out the jump for the breakdown of ratios and a few more photos.

Kickstarter Project: Stompadon Plushie


"The character of Stompadon was invented by performance artist Kelsey Wailes as part of a competition called Super Art Fight. Wearing a massive mask, gloves and a tail, Wailes became the bug-eyed dinosaur that drew, creating mad-cap murals in a 25-minute time limit."
Stompadon is now taking on a life of its own, with a plush toy:

These plushies are super adorable, but need funding to be produced. Right now for only $20 you can get in on one of the early bird plushies. When these are sold out they go up to $25, which is still a great deal. Past that are art prints, clay figures, a childrens book and original art. But you only have until January 17th to get them to the $14,000 goal, so head over to Kickstarter to get in on these now. 

Grimsheep's Custom Fonzo for Fonzo Love NY at MPH

Red Mutuca Canada based artist Owen "Grimsheep" Dewitt's custom Fonzo is another awesome addition to My Plastic Heart and Freakstore's Fonzo Love NY show. Clean lines and great contrast of colors make this Fonzo very cool. I'm really digging the belt and a colorful Japanese style gi.This is a great representation of Grimsheep's style. The Fonzo Love NY show is shaping up to be filled with a bunch of great pieces from very talented artists.

Opening reception for Fonzo Love NY is Friday January 11th,from 6-9PM at My Plastic Heart. The show is going to run until February 3rd.

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