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January 2, 2013

Impressive works from Flame-Ivy

I love to spot work from not welknown artists.....just look at this impressive (Munny's) work from Flame-Ivy.

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  - Don P

Tasha's and MaloApril's collab Dunny!

GIRLPOWER! Just look at this awesome collaboration between two stunning artists!

I did a trade with April Elliott and she made me a Day of the Dead Girl Dunny in my favourite colours, and she provided me with a blank sculpted with her signature roses. I've completed "Abril" for her and will send it to her very soon. We're both really pleased :) I'd enjoy doing more projects together in the future. - Tasha Zimich

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  - Don P

The Hulk by Troymartinart

The second post about Toymartinart. This guy is working extremely hard on Androids now.

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Mr. KidGFK by Shawn Wigs

The newest Mascot from Shawn Wigs.....just look at those shoes!

Here is my Newest 7" Mascot Mr. KidGFK ( Ghostface Killah ) Wu Tang Clans Finest turned into a Kidrobot mascot .. He's got the Ring the Eagle Braclet and the 2 tone wallabee Clarks .... Stocking Mask and All .. He'll be up for sale on my Store Shortly ...when you are interested: -Shawn Wigs

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  - Don P

JuJu Whisper by JFury

JFury totally nailed this custom 3 inch Dunny. Extremely well painted and the colorcombination  is top notch!

So for my first custom of the year I finished my Rsinart Agent K custom: JuJu Whisper -JFury

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     - Don P

Squink's Designer Toy

Spotted on Squink's idea how he calls this toy (3 inch), but it certainly does look hot!

Expect these to be released some time in Feb, with an exclusive ToyconUK colourway in April. - Squink!

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Melodreama's latest Tankgirls

The last two Tankgirls (Munny) from Melodreama. Absolutely great painted and sculpted...looking like production work to me.
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  - Don P

Kung Fu Panda by Troymartinart

Another Android finished...

Kung Fu Panda why not. This custom Android re named Kung Fu Andy by the customer was a blast to make. I only wish the pic would show the fine texture of the hear. -Troymartinart

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Vicious Glyos Beasts Escape from Ersico's Workshop!

There are many terrific talents coming together right now to make up the wonderful world of the Glyos System. Right up at the top of the list is the inventive and talented Ersico. For over two years he has been honing his toycraft at the October Toy Forums and his near-daily customs never cease to amaze. This is especially apparent with his new big baddie, The Cygorvor.

As you might guess, The Cygorvor was inspired by the Spawn comics character Cygor. The Glyos Armorvor, sculpted by Jason Frailey, along with a custom resin head produced by Jason and The Godbeast, makes for an excellent platform. Ersico went totally wild on the sculpt, giving these monsters realistic fur that matches up nicely with the heads and adding broken chains to the arms, making them look like they've just busted out of some sort of intergalactic prison-zoo. His expert level brushing techniques always ensure a detailed, fascinating piece and I can attest to the fact that his customs are very durable, an important thing to look for with Glyos.
So far he has made just these three Cygorvors - purple, orange, and green. I believe they are all spoken for, but don't howl with primal rage quite yet! As mentioned before, Ersico is a busy artist and I wouldn't be surprised if more Cygorvors escaped his workshop. If you're the impatient type, just hit him up through his blog or on OTF to see if he's available for a commission. Alternatively, you can check out what's in his online store at the moment, like this custom Night Terror, also based on the Armorvor with a Takara Beast Saga head.

Keep an eye out for Ersico's work with Glyos and more right here:

Patrulla-X Radioactive Rat Skulls & more coming today!

Patrulla-X is dropping a bunch of great stuff today. I'm especially digging these Radioactive Rats, a 3-part resin figure, limited to just four including the blue chase below. You can see they look really wild in glow mode! These are about 4" tall and will set you back $25.

You'll also be able to score two other versions of this Rat Skull. There is a similar 2-piece black "Oil Slick" version, with the same kind of barrel as Radioactive Rat for $20, or you can pick up a coppery old Rusty Rat on its own for just $10. 
Also being teased on the blog is this 3.25" inch Brain Surgeon custom, utilizing the Muttpop Gobi as a base. He looks like just the kind of sick mind that could have sent all these innocent rats to their doom! There will actually be three of these available for $35 each.

All of these will come packaged in custom handmade boxes and this is where you want to be today to be get them: