February 9, 2013

The latest Dunny's from Bash

Some new Dunny's from Bash projects. This guy is popping them out on the moment.

Andrew almost died in a car crash a couple of months ago. He was walking around in the dark when out of nowhere a car came and ran him over. He flew through the sky and landed in the ditch next to the road. While he was fighting for his life, a mad doctor took him to his lab in the woods and fixed him up. He replaced the broken parts of his body with pieces of wood from the forest. Now Andrew is part bunny, part tree and is one with nature.

Ayako was one of the worst ninja's I've ever met. His name suited him well. Ayako is Japanese for colorchild. He was colorful in everything: his tattoo's, his love for live and his outfits. But a ninja has to blend into his surrounding, be invisible, be one with the night... Ayako was not! With his purple outfit he was a disgrace for all ninja's. As punishment for his misbehavior Ayoka had to "voluntarily" commit Seppuku.

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