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February 15, 2013

Splurrt Purple Cadaver Kid & Blood Sacrifice Usir Lottery on 2/16

Splurrt has shared the details for the drops of the new Usir and Cadaver Kids, coming tomorrow.

"The Cadaver Kids will be going live in store at 1PM (ET) on Saturday, the 16th, they will be limited to one per customer, and will cost $50.

The Usirs are a little more limited, so I've decided to make those available via lottery. I will be accepting lotto entries at 12 PM (ET) on Saturday through 12 AM (ET) Sunday. That's noon -  midnight, a 12 hour window.

The Usirs will be $66.60 plus $7 for domestic shipping. International customers, USPS rates have sky rocketed so I will calculate your postage and add it on.

Durring the entry window, please send your entry to with the following information:

Subject "Blood Sacrifice Usir lottery"
Your Name
Your Address
Your paypal e-mail, if different from your entry e-mail address.
Your Skullbrain user name if you're on Skullbrain. 

Winners will be sent a paypal invoice within 24 hours of lottery closing, you will have 48 hours to pay, or your invoice will be cancelled and I'll draw another in your place.

Thank you all and good luck."