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February 5, 2013

Shadoe Delgado's new Custom Tequila

Shadoe Delgado has really done it this time- his new custom Tequila is sure to blow you away. Shadoe's custom toys have been moving in a sculptural direction, and these removable wing additions and protruding mask take the Tequila platform to a new plane. While he's recognizable for his use of mask imagery, this is a new type for Shadoe, coming farther forward in 3 dimensions than his other mask work. It's great to see his work continue to develop and exercize new possibilities.
Shadoe's attention to detail is impecable- he has even lined the accompanying custom painted Poncho with leather to protect the body from scratches.
Shadoe has been carefully constructing ways of removing prodruding pieces like those wings via peg systems, which can be viewerd in Work In Progress photos on his Instagram @shadoedelgado
More of his work can be found here , or drop him a line directly at
Shadoe's making a move to a new studio location, so if you're interested in commissioned work he has details about timeframes and availability, if you drop him a line by email above.
Keep it up Shadoe!