January 25, 2013

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT series by Jc Rivera

 Jc Rivera vs UVD presents:

We are proud to announce our first release of 2013! We have teamed up with Chicago based artist Jc Rivera to create a new line of custom 3″ BearChamp Dunnys. The ‘World Heavyweight’ series features seven BearChamps from all over the world squaring off against eachother to see which is the best boxing bear in the world! The series features PandaChamp, KoalaChamp, PolarChamp, BearChamp, SpectaChamp, GrizzlyChamp, and as a special chase TrainerChamp. This series will be available blind boxed via our online store  on January 30th at 12 Noon EST. To add one of these great customs to your collection for $100 each click HERE. -UVD

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