January 2, 2013

Patrulla-X Radioactive Rat Skulls & more coming today!

Patrulla-X is dropping a bunch of great stuff today. I'm especially digging these Radioactive Rats, a 3-part resin figure, limited to just four including the blue chase below. You can see they look really wild in glow mode! These are about 4" tall and will set you back $25.

You'll also be able to score two other versions of this Rat Skull. There is a similar 2-piece black "Oil Slick" version, with the same kind of barrel as Radioactive Rat for $20, or you can pick up a coppery old Rusty Rat on its own for just $10. 
Also being teased on the blog is this 3.25" inch Brain Surgeon custom, utilizing the Muttpop Gobi as a base. He looks like just the kind of sick mind that could have sent all these innocent rats to their doom! There will actually be three of these available for $35 each.

All of these will come packaged in custom handmade boxes and this is where you want to be today to be get them: