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January 7, 2013

Mizzzter REM for Superish by Igor Ventura

Over the last few weeks, the folks at Red Mutuca Studios have been revealing artist creations for their first 3" Dunny Mini Series called "Superish". The latest reveal is "Mizzzter REM" by Igor Ventura.

Description of Mizzzter REM from Red Mutuca:
During the day, he's an average Joe; a hard worker, but he has no girls, no friends and no fun. But then, when the night falls and he is under his sheets, a strange and unexplainable force takes over: his ordinary life is suddenly extraordinary!
Running through the streets, chasing bad guys, bringing justice to those in need! Mizzzter REM, accompanied by his faithful sidekick Leaping Flock, owns the night!
Too bad he can't remember his own adventures when he reads about them in the news…

The lines are clean on the pajamas of this little Superish hero and he even comes with a faithful little sheep sidekick(all handmade from scratch, 1 at a time). The nighttime face mask and cape are great accessories and really do this character justice. This series is shaping up to be epic.

Red Mutuca have been releasing a new design every week for the last few weeks, building up to the last release of available blind boxes. A huge amount of the series is already sold out, though previous presales. The remaining 40 blind boxes are going to be highly sought after and probably sell out quickly after being available. So, don't sleep and stay up to date with all of the Red Mutuca news.

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