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December 18, 2012

Buff Monster Products Galore!

Buff Monster, the master of pink, is releasing a bunch of very cool products on his site at 10am EST, Wednesday, December 19th. Just back in NYC after a quick stop in Paris for Be Street Weekend, along with Hydro74 and Lamour Supreme, Buff Monster is releasing a bunch of goodies. Everything from a cool Buff Monster tote, several Melty Misfits T-shirt designs, a Melty Misfits tank top, a cool Buff Monster calender, and even a David Healey collaborative resin toy. The header bagged resin toy is hand cast and painted in NYC and is glow in the dark with only 10 made. I imagine that these toys are going to sell out quickly. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing for anything and all of these products are only going to be available online through Buff Monsters store.
Buff Monster Swag!
GID "Sue" by and Buff Monster, Limited to 10 pieces

Follow Buff Monster here:
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-  Mark-Anthony

The Gorilla Mascot by Jon-Paul Kaiser and outsmART Originals

The great minds at outsmART Originals brings us another awesome T-shirt, called the Gorilla Mascot, designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser. Not only is the design very clean, it's being printed on a dark colored T-shirt.  As always with outsmART Originals, this outsmART Originals T-Shirt is selling for $25, in a wide range of sizes for both men and women. No word on if this is going to be a limited run like all the previous releases, but these shirts are said to be guaranteed to be shipped on January 2nd, 2013.
Start off the new year right, with an awesome outsmART Originals T-Shirt. Also still available for pre-order is the Britta Critta T-shirt designed by Scott Tolleson, available until December 24th or when all 200 Shirts are spoken for.

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- Mark-Anthony

Mark Nagata's Catvengers for the OneUp Negora show in 2013

I love when artists post work-in-progress shots and sometimes you just can't wait for a custom or a group of customs to get finished before you start talking about them. Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co. is well-known for doing up some insanely awesome pieces for galleries all over the world, but his new set of Catvengers has got to be my favorite so far.

Based off the Max Toy Co. Negora sofubi, these customs have all been sculpted and painted to resemble The World's Mightiest Heroes. It's remarkable how well he combines the Negora sculpt with each character and gives each one such a unique feel.

Though these are still unfinished, they look amazing already. Mark says that he also plans to do a Hawkeye and maybe some others as well. For the final unveiling, we'll all have to wait for the OneUp Negora show in Japan, which is set for January/February 2013. 

Lucha Sharks Release Info! - 12/21/12

Ben "Galaxxor" Spencer shot a bucket of chum into space and it made it all the way to Hive World X-544 attracting the attention of the LUCHA SHARKS!

The first figure from Ben's new 5.5" line "El Tiberon" will be available for $75 each on 12.21.12 at noon CST, exclusively from The Galaxxor Online Store.  This colorway will be limited to 10 resin castings produced by Marty "Godbeast" Hansen so you can be sure they will be top notch.

Full turnarounds and fluff can be found here.

Flawtoys New DIY Stranger & Giveaway

Dutch company Flawtoys is dropping a new Resin DIY figure- The Stranger. Standing 7.7" tall, each Stranger is hand-cast and packaged in his own swanky hand-made box. Stranger drops on December 27- but you have 2 chances to win one for free!

How do I win one?

Like and Follow Flawtoys on Facebook and Instagram ( @flawtoys ) and leave a comment on their contest banner image telling them why you'd like to win a Stranger. Winners will be chosen on Christmas day!

When you finish customizing your DIY Stranger, drop Flawtoys a line at for a feature on their website.
Suit up your stranger and tell your story!

Banimon Announces New Red Army Men & Banigoth Warriors for 12/22

It truly is a wonderful time to be a Glyos fan. Planet Banimon was one of the first to release their own exclusive colorways of the original Glyos figures, and they were also one of the first to produce their own Glyos-compatible creations in PVC. Their Red Army Men and Banigoth Warriors combine perfectly with the universal peg and socket system, while retaining their own unique style.

The first colors, olive green and black/red are shown above, combined with other Glyos Universe bits. Due to popular demand, and because the first run sold out in mere days, Banimon has finally announced a second run of three new colorways.

The latest round, including bright red, white, and silver are set to drop in the Banimon Store on Saturday, December 22nd at 9:30pm EST. Each color comes with both heads and they all feature terrific factory painted detail lines and tampo prints.