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December 16, 2012

Davemarkart's Owl and Toyer Qee

This guy is rocking his customs so fast that I sometimes totally miss customs from him. Both are experimental customs from Davemarkart, since he is doing normally an other style and he only painted the Qee.

"Owl Love You Forever"

"Wish I was Bulletproof.."
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Shark Android by Color Chemist

This guy is amazing with his nautical style.What a great detailed shark!

Folow Color Chemist here:
      - Don P 

Wally Afraid and Green Bearchamp

Jc Rivera is popping the customs out like a machine. Here are the last two 3 inch Dunny's that he made. The first one has a great dark feeling and the other one is a colorvariant on his brown Bearchamp Dunny that he made before.

Wally Afraid
Green Bearchamp
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Hell Trooper by Nikejerk

This is the latest custom from Nikejerk. Not the easiest topic for a 3 inch Teddy Troops, but he pulled it off!

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Vegeta and Goku by AVATAR666

AVATAR666 first two Micro Munny's, he will do probably more customs from the Dragonball Z series. These guys are for sale and when you are interested than just shoot him a message on his Facebook-page.

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Gold jaguar soldier and Cuetzpalli

Did I say that I love colorfull? Really? Yeah! Frank Mysterio made this excellent two customs. As you guys can see an 8 inch and 3 inch Dunny. Keep them coming Frank!

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  - Don P

ZillerPUG's by SquareFrogDesigns

I really dig customs where loads is happening, wich means that I love the work of SquareFrogDesigns and just look what he now made......simply AMAZING! These custom 4 inch Munny's are for sale and are only 130 dollars each. When you are interested than just contact him on his Facebook-page.

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      - Don P 

Free 3D Model from Shinbone Creative

3D maestro Scott Wetterschneider (one of the folks behind Shinbone Creative) was kind enough to give a great peek behind the curtain of how his process works by giving away a 3D model! This was done as a lesson but wouldn't look out of place on the shelf.  Grab it here in .obj and .ztl (if you don't have ZBrush, you should be able to use Sculptris or Blender - both free - to open the file).

Everyone with a genuine interest in making production quality toys should at least be conversant in some form of 3D modeling.  This isn't a "gloom and doom" prediction for traditional sculptors, it is a tool just like anything else.  I hope you will take my advice - stop worrying and love the bomb!

More on Shinbone Creative's process on Facebook and Twitter

QORTNI and QUILLA by Bjornik

These eyes are looking right in your soul. Amazing paintwork by Bjornik. Both have stolen my heart...especially the Queen of Hearts!
QORTNI had a temper that was quick to flare and difficult to extinguish. 9 inch Dunny

QUILLA was an incurable romantic and masterful daydreamer. 9 inch Dunny
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"The Hug Machine" by Josh Mayhem

This custom (Dude/Blamo) was made for "The Blamo Custom Hug Show" at the Toy Art Gallery past Saturday. There is so much to look at. Everytime that I look at this picture than I see something new. Great work Josh!

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     - Don P 

Motorbot is all geared up for the holidays!

If you want some holiday themed resin for yourself or a loved one, look no farther than the Deadbear Shop. Motorbot has created six different holiday themed pieces, including this Meaty Clause, which is his signature 4" Meathead with a yuletide upgrade. This guy is available in the painted version shown above, as well as unpainted red and crystal clear. The clear is also available with or without cookies in the stomach. 

My favorite is this Tree Demon, a 3.5" Krampus-style baddie cast in clear resin with a ton of green glitter and some details painted with eye-gouging Monster Kolor red. This is the first the Tree Demon has been back in the store for some time, and the first run sold out very quickly. This is a wicked looking piece that looks right on the shelf any time of year.

For even more fun, there are also some different holiday Meat Gnomes available. You can choose from crystal clear with red and green glitter, or if you enjoy a good mystery, order a limited one-off in a random color and start building yourself an army of these devious cretins! Again, these are re-sculpted versions of the classic Motorbot Meathead and I'm going to guess that they stand closer to 5" with those tall pointy hats they've got.

Most of these runs were limited to 5-10, so you'll want to jump on this, especially since they are only $20 each in the Deadbear Shop!

Shadoe Delgado's stunning customs!

Speechless that is the right word, when you see these two amazing customs from Shadoe Delgado. Both are candy to your eyes. The first one is a custom Munny and the second one a custom Tequila. ENJOY THEM!

Cephalopod, Munny

Shadowling, Tequila

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Bash is popping them out!

Recently started customizer Bash has made quite some customs last week. Have to say that this guy has a great plain style and I expect that he will show us loads of great customs in the near future. When you are interested in buying a custom from him, than shoot him a message here.

 "Meet Henry, he lives in Hydepark London and loves the big city. But there is one problem: Henry is the first turtle in the world that hates the rain. So he always takes his umbrella with him, even on the most sunny days... just in case!"
Henry the Turtle, 4 inch Munny

 "Andy is a rebel punk Gorilla for the Big Apple. He hates his parents, his job and the name "The big apple". So he took his banana with him and is now looking for a city that is called Bananasplit City"
Andy the Punk Gorilla, 4 inch Munny

"Harold always wanted to make a wooden helmet. But when he finally did make the helmet he found a bird, Betty, inside of it. Now Harold walks around with a bird, a nest and some eggs on his head..."

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Shawn Wigs latest customs

The latest customs from Shawn Wigs. The first is a 7 inch Mascot and the second one is a Kaws Companion. Shawn made the Companion half resin and half vinyl.

Kid Mommas Boy

Kaws Companion half resin/half vinyl

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  - Don P

Jeremiah Ketner's Online Studio Sale

Amazing customs from Jeremiah Ketner...

"I am having a online studio sale Sunday Dec. 16th at 3pm (CT). Featuring new customs and drawings. Everything ships on Monday and all domestic orders are due to arrive before or on December 22nd"

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   - Don P

Some works from Mini Moi Toys

Just look at these excellent customs (4 inch Munny's) from Mini Moi Toys. Most are for sale for only 125 dollars, when you are interested than just send a mail to Hope to see more from your work in the future Mini Moi Toys!

"My main focus is having clients ask for munnys made to look like them or a friend, something more personal; which brings me to how I came up with the name "Mini Moi Toys" (a mini version of you)"

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