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December 15, 2012

How-To: The Making of the B5100 by Tesselate

The B5100 is a sweet original figure (it's almost more of a playset) by Tesselate. Ever wonder how he makes his amazing and brightly-colored figures? Here's a guide he just published! It takes you from concept, to 3D renderings, to finishing, to silicone mould-making, to pouring resin. The whole shebang, from start to finish. Fascinating!


Grey retailer Sqube by Playge up for preorder

Seal #4: Death Resin Figure by Menace Inc Studios

This is the first full reveal picture for the Death figure by Menace Inc Studios. Made for the 7 Seals Resin Blind Box Series, Death is about 4" tall with his scythe. The figure was cast in resin with an iron coating. Jeff used a special technique to rapidly rust the iron and then seal it to stop the rusting process and fix the look of the piece.

Pictured is the regular version- 1 of 7 made. There is also one chase variant that will be kept a surprise.

Another special one-off version will be part of the big giveaway at midnight. Several of the artists involved in the 7 Seals event will make one-off figures to give away at that magical hour of midnight at the event.

More details can be found at the Facebook event page for the 7 Seals Release Party. The party will take place at the Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema in Greensboro, NC.


Alexis Rivera (Playful Gorilla) - Seal #1 The Conqueror / First Horseman
Chris Moore (WeBecomeMonsters) - Seal #2 War / Second Horseman
Cash Cannon - Seal #3 Famine / Third Horseman
Jeff Beck - Seal #4 Death / Fourth Horseman
Ricardo Luna (lunacyfx) - Seal #5 Mark of the Beast
Motorbot - Seal #6 Destruction
HX - Seal #7 The Seven Angels

Tru:Tek - "Golden Seal" Resin Piece

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Sam Fout's Bone Ghost Agents by Argonaut Resins

Sam Fout is back and he's finished off his Bone Ghost Agent resins!
The first fifteen sold out quick and these are the last eleven (Agents P through Z) that will go on sale Tuesday Dec. 18th at 10PM Est. time in the Argonaut Resins online store. 

The Bone Ghost Agent stands at 5.5 inches tall and will come with a clear tint martini glass, regular handgun, handgun with a silencer or the all-new, never released machine gun! They will be signed by Sam Fout along with his custom Agent art print and custom box with the Agency logo on top. 

The Bone Ghost Agent is designed by Sam Fout and sculpted, cast and molded by Eric Nocella Diaz and produced by Argonaut Resins. The Bone Ghost Agents will go for $85 for the solid colors and $100 for the clear tint variants (plus shipping and handling).

Agent P = pink
Agent Q = orange
Agent R = Infrared Variant (red clear)
Agent S = grey
Agent T = purple
Agent U = Hologram Variant (blue clear)
Agent V = peach
Agent W = blue
Agent X = Jade Idol Variant

Sam Fout ->
Argonaut Resins online store ->

Bad Apple Rotofugi Exclusive by GOIN x Mighty Jaxx - Preorders Open 12/17!

Rotofugi has announced a preorder for an exclusive run of just 50 Bad Apples, the gorgeous graffiti work by French artist GOIN which was turned into an 8" resin figure with the help of Mighty Jaxx of Singapore.

Cast in a sick bright green with a black grenade, it's set to retail for $110. It's important to note here that what you see above is really close to the final product, but still a mockup. The bandanas on the final copies will have a debossed pattern like this:

They go live in the Rotofugi store on Monday, December 17th at 11AM Central Time. The first preorder edition of 300 sold out in just a few days, and my hunch is that this much smaller run will be gone in a flash, so be there!