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December 13, 2012

Critters and Treegar Double Drop Tomorrow from BigManToys

BigManToys is all set for a double drop of kick ass, yet very affordable, resin on Friday 12/14 at 6PM EST. For just $13 each you can buy one of their Critters-inspired minis or a Treegar Sapling from their online store.

This is wave 3 of the Critters, which you may notice look suspiciously like the deranged alien flesh munchers from a certain wonderful 80's B-movie. They stand just 1.5 inches, but are packed with detail by the exceptionally well-programmed sculpting unit known as Zectron. There are 35 individual pieces in this wave, no two the same, and you can check out a sneak peak of every one in the store right now.

The Treegar Saplings will be available in at least 3 colors, the flesh and neon orange shown here, plus neon pink and a possible mysterious fourth color. You may recognize this guy as well, because a 5.5" inch version was recently cast in resin and that did so well they decided to scale him down for a mini figure release. In my opinion, this one is just right!

Holiday Themed Custom Sets by The Jelly Empire

It's the Holidays and The Jelly Empire, aka Selina Briggs, is celebrating by creating some awesome holiday themed customs. Comprised of an Argonauts Resins Mini Tuttz and a Jellybot, each custom set is priced at $60 plus shipping. The first set is includes a Mini Tuttz Grinch and Max themed Jellybot. Jellybot Max even has the attached reindeer antler. Amazing attention to detail. The second set is peppermint candy themed, complete with red and white striped Mini Tuttz and Jellybot. Both sets will go on sale Friday, December 14th, at 3pm EST (or Noon PST).

The Tuttz that Stole Christmas Set by The Jelly Empire

Peppermint Candy Set by The Jelly Empire
For more pictures, head on over to The Jelly Empire blog, here. While you are looking around The Jelly Empire shop, why not purchase a mystery bag original sketch or some stickers, all of which are awesome.

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- Mark-Anthony