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December 12, 2012

Snow Dome Customs by LunaBee

Amazing UK artist LunaBee recently released some wonderfully wicked cute holiday themed customs. Made from a mini munny and mini foomi, these custom Snow Domes are only 65 GBP, or roughly $105, which includes worldwide shipping. I love the amount of detail that LunaBee puts in her pieces and these definitely do not disappoint. Many of LunaBee's customs tend to be 1 offs, although LunaBee does produce a themed mini series every now and then. For example, Dragatomi still has one of LunaBee's Skeleton Parade Dunnys left, here. These Snow Dome customs would make a great gift, although, they may not arrive in time if you happen to live outside of the UK. International shipping aside, these customs are awesome.

The Little Green Fir Tree Custom Snow Dome by LunaBee

All I Want For Christmas Custom Snow Dome by LunaBee
While you are checking out LunaBees shop, make sure to check out her custom halloween release, Zombees! Also, give her Facebook fanpage a like.

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 - Mark-Anthony

The Edge of Autumn by Squink!

The last release of this year of his famous Resin Head Dunny's.....grab it tomorrow!

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Custom PAW! and Androids by Fuller

James Fuller, of Fuller Designs, has been kind of quiet as of late. However, he always seems to be working on something. Whether it's completing customs pieces for his own mini Series or a custom commissioned wedding topper, Fuller keeps a steady flow of work. I've always been a fan of Fuller's work and his latest commission work is outstanding. I am definitely digging the White Rabbit custom, which uses Coarse's PAW from the False Friends release. From Fuller's description of the piece, it's just half of a set which is going to also include a Mad Hatter, which I imagine is going to be made off of the NOOP figure. I'm looking forward to what else Fuller has in store for the custom toy world.

The White Rabbit Custom False Friends PAW by Fuller
Diablo III Custom Android by Fuller
Ghost in a Shell Custom Android by Fuller
If you want to get on Fullers long list of Commissions, make sure to hit up his website and send him an email. You won't be disappointed.
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- Mark-Anthony

Darth Maul Android

Look at this crazy good custom Android from Troymartinart. I will post some more works from this guy soon, he has made some excellent customs. You will see him more often since someone commissioned him for 14 Androids!!!

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