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December 1, 2012

Glyos Council Of Travelers Dropping on 12/12/12

The Council of Travelers
It's hard to believe that the Glyos line of compatible action figures has been around for over 5 years, and that there are now dozens of other companies and artists producing this wonderful stuff in PVC, vinyl and resin. It's been a long strange trip already, but the folks at Onell Design never cease to keep it fresh and interesting, with new colorways and figures appearing near monthly and selling like gangbusters.

The next drop night is scheduled for 12/12/12, at 9:30 EST. That was pushed back two weeks from the original date of 11/30, because of shipping problems from the factory in China. This is a big one though, because alongside new colors for almost every figure, fans will see the debut of the Syclodoc, a new head sculpt for their vinyl Armodoc figure (seen above). It will also come with a spare original Armodoc head, for purists or those who would display both.

Phase Defender
Another great aspect to this drop is the number of contained builds which will be available. These, like the Phase Defender here, are made up using every piece from a number of different figures and/or accessory packs, custom assembled by the Onell team and generally featuring unique paint applications for those parts.

To make a long story short, Onell Design does it right with the Glyos toys. If for some reason you've been living under a stone, or if it's been a couple years since you looked closely at them, this drop is just the right time to jump on board. And if you've already got the bug like me, I know I'll see you there on 12/12/12!

OsirisOrion Molten Lava & Sewer Sludge 3" Resin Dunnys - Preorder Now Open!

OsirisOrion is now taking preorders on these handcast and handpainted resin Dunnys. They are available singly in either of these colorways for $60 each or you can save by ordering a pair for $100.

Each figure will be signed and numbered, but the great news doesn't stop there. The sculpt has not yet been named, so everyone who orders one will get a chance to name it when they order, and one winner will be picked to receive a free 8" Molten Lava or Sewer Sludge Dunny, their choice!

Preorder here before December 7th, 11PM EST.