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November 29, 2012

The Wolf Rider Print by Huck Gee

Master customizer and artist Huck Gee released his latest print, titled "The Wolf Rider". An awesome large print, with great lighter coloer and imagery. With the rider looking back towards the viewer, the piece evokes a type of "are you ready?" feel, speaking for myself of course. This piece will look awesome with a small border dark frame.

"Beneath the masks lie expert warriors, handpicked and rigorously tested by General Shirokuri himself. The wolves they ride are massive, fearsome, wintery beasts with minds as sharp as their claws and teeth. The bond is a lifelong commitment, paired when the wolf is still a suckling pup. They spend the rest of their days together. Eating, training, sleeping, the two become one. There is no distinction between beast and rider once joined in battle, communicating through a complex system of touches, motions and whispers, allowing them to be as effective in the roar of a battlefield as when prowling an enemy on padded paws in a hushed forest." - Chapters of the North, Volume III - Mahotsukai Hoohige

Each is printed on fine art watercolor paper (225gs), 20″x9″ (22″x11″), signed, numbered and gold embossed. Limited edition run of 100 prints,

The Limited edition print is priced at $65 plus shipping, and for you lucky Californians, add tax as well. Something to consider, if you are going to pull the trigger on this print, is to save on shipping by purchasing more prints and/or swag. One of Huck Gee's older prints is actually still up, Sgt. Hicks "R&R" Print, also priced at $65, as well as some $30 Chardmonster prints.

Only time will tell if a version of the Wolf Rider will be Huck's next limited custom. I can't wait to find out.

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 - Mark-Anthony

The Incredible Monk by Sucklord for Art for Tibet Auction

The one and only Sucklord recently created a resin figure on card, titled "The Incredible Monk". Complete with a cloth draped Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk on the card. The orange Hulk-type figure features the notable Sucklord helmet in gold and maroon colored pants, similar to the color scheme that Tibetan monks wear. The figure was created for the annual charity auction Art for Tibet. The Auction features over 50 different artists who have all donated to this art auction which benefits the group Students for a Free Tibet. Sucklord donated 5 "Incredible Monk" figures, that are up for auction now.

The Incredible Monk by Sucklord - Front

Some important info about the auction:

Art for Tibet is a hybrid auction that combines an in-gallery silent auction with an online auction. You don't need to be at the Gallery to support Tibet and bring home a fantastic work of art!
All artwork is now available for online bidding, which will close promptly at 3pm EST on Saturday December 1st. The highest online bids will be entered onto bid sheets at the gallery and will serve as the opening bid amount. Bidding at the gallery will start at 6pm on the day of the event and end promptly at 9pm. If the reserve price is met on an auction lot, it will be sold to the highest bidder. If the reserve is not met, the piece will be placed back online for one additional week of bidding.
If you are bidding online and cannot be in New York to guarantee you are able to place your highest possible bid at the last moment, we do offer a free concierge bidding service so that you don't lose out on your favorite piece. Download the concierge Bid Form.

You must register for a Bider ID number in order to place a bid. There are two ways to do this. You can register online, which will allow you to place online bids AND in-person bids, or you can register in person at the event on December 1st, which will allow you to bid in-person only. In both cases, registration is free. 

Keep in mind that the online bidding portion of the Art Auction is set to end promptly at 3pm EST on December 1st. The highest bid for each piece is going to be used as the opening bid for the live Silent Auction being held at the Tibet House in New York City, from 6-9PM. So, if you are not going to be in the New York area on December 1st, you need to follow important instructions and download the concierge Bid Form

To start bidding on one of these awesome pieces, head on over to the Art for Tibet auction site here. You will find Sucklords pieces under lots #462-466. At the time of this post, the current bids ranged from $135 to $250. While browsing around, you may also want to bid on other cool art pieces from artists all around the world. 

To learn more about Students for a Free Tibet, head on over to
More info about the auction here, Art for Tibet 2012 Press Release.

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- Mark-Anthony

Angry Woebots Custom Dunnys and MADL

It looks like Aaron Martin, Angry Woebots, has had some late nights laying some paint and creating a bunch of very cool one-offs. Aaron has already released a couple of 3 inch dunnys and some mini Teddy Troops, which already sold out. His next round of custom one-offs include four "Shadow Friend" 3 inch dunnys. This is definitely creating more excitement with collectors, especially with Aaron's much anticipated Kidrobot 8" production Dunny releasing December 6th, also titled "Shadow Friend".

The Mono-tone Dunnys are going to sell for $150 each plus shipping, here. All of which are awesome and would make a great addition to any collection.

Clockwise from upper left: "Spacer", "Silence", "Sneaks", "Alert"

Aaron is also putting up a sick custom MADL, which is going to sell for $300, here. My guess is that it's a 5" MADL. Custom MADLs don't come up very often and Angry Woebots custom MADLs are even more rare.

All the pieces are expected to be released at 12pm PST. For those of you who are keen on picking up one of Aaron's customs, you better get your favorite loaded up and F5 button ready. Since Aaron doesn't create custom Dunnys often, I'm sure the few that he is releasing is already being eyed by dozens of collectors worldwide. These customs are going to go quick, making a few collectors very happy and many left with nothing but hoping for another release. We will have to wait and see if Aaron is going to do another set of customs.

If you're in the San Francisco or LA area next week, be sure to hit up the Kidrobot signing and Dunny release. Aaron is going to be signing at both stores: LA on December 5th, from 6-8 PM for a pre-release and San Francisco on December 6th, from 6-8PM also. Check out the info here.

Army of Snipers site

- Mark-Anthony