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November 27, 2012

Motorbot's Scrap Heap - The best junk at even better prices!

The unstoppable Motor Bot is so busy turning up new sculpts and resin casts, it's no wonder he's sitting on a big old pile of test shots and miscasts, with everything from air bubbles to bad seems stopping them from cutting it as regular releases. This is excellent news for completest collectors and customizers though, because he is offering these up in the Deadbear shop for just $5 each while supplies last.

This enthusiastic fan bought 3 without blinking - Motor Bot is always putting out new sculpts in very limited numbers and rarely releases blank editions, so customizers don't have much opportunity to amass figures for their own projects. Hopefully all of you artists out there will take advantage of this deal and release a slew of great new customs!

Apocalypse Dunny Case photo Contest by Toykick

Want to win a free case of Apocalypse Dunnys? Who doesn't like a good photo contest? Toykick is giving away a sealed Apocalypse Dunny case to one lucky winner of their Photo contest. One very important catch is that you need to have one of their KickCase products, found here. I personally don't own a case, but I do know many artists love and support the products. If you don't already own a KickCase, you still have time to get your order in and take some photos.

Here is the info from Toykick:

Take a picture of your collection inside a KickCase (any design) and post it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is not a random drawing like our other contests, it is an actual competition! The best Photo Wins!!!

How do I enter my picture?

1. Take a sweet looking picture of your collection in a KickCase (any design)

Steps 2-5 are all optional but at least one is required. The more you do helps your chances.

2. Tweet the picture and use: @toykickstore and #ToyKick within the tweet so we definitely see it.

3. Post the picture to our facebook wall here:

4. Instagram the picture and use #ToyKick and @Toykick

5. Put that picture on Pinterest and Link it to!

What factors will be considered when judging my photo?

We will judge photos on all around awesomeness. To name a few things, we'll be looking at the way your case ties in with the room, the sweet looking contents within the case, wall placement and symmetry.  But probably the BIGGEST factor is that we want to see other people commenting on your picture and saying how awesome it is. Fan favorites will be noted :)

When will the Winner be announced?

Winner will be announced on 12/26/12 via a Google+ Hangout.  Link to the Hangout will be posted here the day of the announcement. The winner MUST BE WATCHING the drawing as we will announce a password that they must provide when redeeming their prize. If you miss the hangout, a recording will be posted here.

What is not mentioned, is an end date for submitting your photo but the winner will be announced on December 26, 2012. So, break out your collection, load up some KickCases and make the photos stand out. Don't forget to use Tweet, post, instagram and Pin your photo with the correct hashtag (#ToyKick).
For more info about the contest or to pick up a KickCase so you can enter, head on over to ToyKick. I'm excited to see peoples collections and how they integrate the KickCase display cases in a home decor. Good Luck to all who enter!

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- Mark-Anthony

Shoakuma Dunny Series by Artmymind

The dynamic duo who make up Artmymind, Guillaume and Julia Lachambre, have just released their newsletter which contains amazing news for any collector wanting to own one of their fantastic custom pieces, or even expand his/her collection. The "Shoakuma Dunny series" is going to be an open edition of two separate colors. With amazing detail and colors, this Dunny series release is just amazing.
The following info is taken from Artmymind's Newsletter, which you should subscribe to, if you don't already:

Shoakuma Dunny series

They are finally here! Artmymind's new Dunny series is ready to be unleashed over the world and trust us when we say that these little demons shouldn't be taken too lightly. Do not be fooled by their cuteness, because they bite pretty bad.

"Born from the twisted energy of the underworld, the Shoakuma is easily the most underestimated creature that can be met among the thousand fangs minions. Small in size, this little demon overcompensate his lack of strength by a voracious appetite and the habit to hang around by hundred of thousand of his siblings."

When we created Artmymind, we promise ourselves that we would always do our best to make our art available to the most and not only focus on very limited or exclusive releases. The Shoakuma series is our effort to make this happen and we hope that you will all enjoy what we came up with.

Available in two open run editions and a third mystery one limited to only 10 pieces that will be revealed before the release via our social sites. They will all be available on November 27Th at 11pm GMT for $79 and $89 +s/h in our online Store and we will keep the run open for exactly a week after the release. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks before shipping for each figure to be numbered and the artist's cards produced.

A note to everyone waiting for a piece from us. Customs are particularly busy at this time of the year so if you still didn't receive your parcel, please be patient as it is being processed at the moment. Thank you for your patience and support that allow us to continue to create more of these bad boys.


Julia & Guillaume

With most Artmymind releases, the limited number editions tend to sellout within seconds of going live. This open edition release will give collectors from 11PM GMT November 27th to 11PM GMT December 4th to snag one or more of these pieces. At $79 plus shipping, I think this is a good deal for one of Artmyminds exquisite customs. As with previous open editions, I'm sure Guillaume and Julia will have a lot of work ahead of them to fill all the orders that is sure to go their way. Also, a 3rd colorway has yet to be revealed, so make sure to follow Artmymind in all social media formats to get a glimpse of it.

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- Mark-Anthony

World of the Mechawhales and U.R.I.-Nal PVC by Deep Fried Figures

Hauke Scheer has been teasing us all with previews for his Mechawhales and U.R.I.-Nal figures for some months now, but has recently confirmed that the Mechawhales will be available very soon from distributor DKE Toys, and you can contact them to find out more.

The Mechawhales have a long back story and the toy itself is a chunky mixture of 3D printing and organic sculpting, making this truly the best of both worlds. Because it's in PVC, all of the intended detail is captured, and you know it will also be that wonderful combination of durable and relatively inexpensive compared to resin or vinyl.

The U.R.I.-Nal (previously available in resin and already test shot in PVC) will also be on sale in a variety of colors if the Mechawhales do well.

You can find out much more about these monstrous, mechanical, maritime-mammals at The World of the Mechawhales.

Fuller does his first FALSE FRIENDS

Normally I am not into WIP's but I have to show this one from Fuller...

WIP. Working on my first FALSE FRIENDS customs this week. They will be a sick and twisted play off the Alice in Wonderland Rabbit and Mad Hatter. Here is an early shot of the Rabbit. Got a lot of work to do... hopefully have them completed this week pending edits. More photos to come!

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Tenacious Toys Exclusive White OMFG Series 2 sets now up for preorder

 We now have our Exclusive White OMFG Series 2 figures up for preorder here. We expect our shipment to arrive this month or next month, if there are no delays. The set of 5 figures (bagged with header card artwork by Carlos Soto) is $10, and we have 200 sets made in our white colorway.

What is OMFG?
Good question! OMFG stands for "Outlandish Mini Figure Guys" and they harken back to the MUSCLE figures we played with as kids growing up in the 80s. OMFG is and always had been a community-driven project. Helmed by George and Ayleen of October Toys, the figures in both  OMFG series were designed by various artists from all over the globe. October Toys held an open call submission process on their forum, yielding hundreds of character submissions that were compiled and voted upon by the toy collecting community. In each series, 5 winners were chosen and put into production.

Of course, production costs money, so October Toys turned to Kickstarter to fund these series of toys. A few select retailers- smart enough to know a good thing when we see it- jumped on board with each series to request and pay for their own exclusive colorways of OMFG figures. For Series 2, we opted for White, as we have a lot of artist customers who'd probably be interested in picking up a few sets to paint. If sales from our Series 2 White figures go well, we will reinvest in October Toys by purchasing a White Exclusive run of Series 1. For now, you can go to our shop and order Series 1 sets in Flesh or GID.

The figures in OMFG Series 2 are as follows:

1. Puke Knight designed and sculpted by Jared DeCosta (aka redjarojam) from Massachusetts
2. Grimm Gourd concept by ScruffyNerfHrdr from Kansas, designed by Charles Marsh (aka Monsterforge) from South Carolina, and sculpted by Mike Fleming Jr (aka M-Flem-Jr) from Colorado
3. Shirtle designed by Kenjitron from Hawaii and sculpted by George Gaspar from Los Angeles
4. Cuddlehard designed and sculpted by turboPISTOLA from Tennessee
5. Cry-Borg designed by Andrew Scribner (aka RuFuS) from Rhode Island

Mond Thega by Jc Rivera

The latest from Jc Rivera. Love the skull and the dark feeling. Can't wait to see more monsters from you Jc! 

Mond Thega, Mighty Muggs custom I did for Atomic Sketch Show available here!

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RWBT by Carson Catlin

Another amazing Tequila, you just have to love this platform. Really dig the cutting style in this one, it just fits perfectly. It is great to see that Carson Catlin is expanding his work on several platforms.

I bring you my custom tequila. He was commissioned from a private collector with the explicit direction of "do what ever you want" So thats what I did. This was a very challenging piece because of the detail. I have never done anything like it before so I dove right in. Colored in my favorite color trio, Red, White, and Black. I did my best to accentuate the already iconic lines of the sculpt. Never crossing over lines of definition. I'm super happy on how it turned out and I hope to have another tequila come through my studio in the near future.

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      - Don P