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November 26, 2012

Fiend Club Subscription by Josh "FPlus" Pearce

Josh Pearce, FPlus, recently announced in his newsletter that collectors can basically pre-order the next 6 releases of his Fiend series. It's called the "Fiend Club" subscription!

Excerpt from FPlus' blog/newsletter:

What started out as a sidekick to my corrupter character, has now become a sought after little monster. With all the amazing response to these guys, I’ve got plans to do a few more, and I’ve had several folks ask me if I’d set up a subscription for them. I instantly liked the idea, because I hate the idea of folks missing out on a fiend in the set due to limited quantities (all previous editions sold out pretty dang quick!)
So, I decided to make a subscription for folks to reserve the next six fiend releases, which are as follows:
Phantasmal (GID) Fiend
Gojira Fiend
Winter Fiend
Candelabran Fiend
Fire Fiend
Ice Fiend

Each one is variant sculpt, so they’re more than just colorways, each one is a different cast from a different mold.
But, what would a club be without some exclusive club member perks right? You’ll also get a custom, one of a kind fiend, you pick the fiend body type and colors, and I’ll send you a one of a kind colorway of your very own, with a handpainted watercolor sketch of your custom fiend in all his glory as well! 

Having personally supported the original Kickstarter that helped fund the creation of FPlus' Corrupter and Fiend set, I think the little fiend is a really cool figure. With his previous releases, Autumn and Gloom, selling out quick, the Fiend Club is a perfect solution to guarantee having every variation of the little guy.

If you can't swing the $350 price tag for the Fiend Club Subscription, which includes shipping, Josh has also made it a little easier on people by allowing them to pay per Fiend:

If you’d like to make arrangements for a pay-per fiend subscription, you can do that as well, by sending me an email to:
Josh (at) to make arrangements. 

The Phantasmal (GID) and Gorija fiends are individually priced at $45 plus shipping, if you're not the subscription type. The Fiend Club subscription and the individual Phantasmal (GID) Fiend and Gorija Fiend are all available now, but going quick here. Whether you pick up the subscription or just a single fiend, I'm sure that you will not be disappointed.

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Fplus Store

- Mark-Anthony

Black Calaverita by The Beast Brothers

The Beast Brothers have released an open edition Black Calaverita, only available on their online store.

From The Beast Brothers Storenvy Product Page:

For sale THIS monday, november, 26th at 1pm EST
Say hello to Black Calaverita, the black color way is the premiere open edition to the series of 5" Soft Japanese Vinyl toy. the calaverita will be released in many colors and limited quantities in the future, this black version will always be available to collectors and fans only in on our online store
calaverita 6" soft vinyl packaged in clear bag with header card, made in japan.
follow us on instagram @thebeastbrothers we would love to see your calaverita pictures tag #calaveritabeast

This 5" soft sofubi Japanese vinyl is priced at $60 each, plus shipping. Perfect for any collection or with the holidays coming up, maybe as a gift. The Black Calaverita is just the start of what should include many more colors of the Calaverita in the future. Be sure to follow The Beast Brothers to stay up to date with any and all future releases.

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- Mark-Anthony

Maori Warrior by AVATAR666

Tequila's are hot at this moment. Look at this excellent custom from AVATAR666.

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Sketracha Hot Chili Sauce 8" Custom Dunny by Sket One

For ONE DAY only, Sket One is releasing his latest 8" Custom Dunny, Sketracha Hot Chili Sauce. Continuing his tradition of awesome condiment inspired Dunnys, Sket One's latest Sriracha chili sauce inspired creation does not disappoint. It even comes with an actual Sriracha cap attached.

Check out the info from Sket One's Storenvy Product Page:

I am putting these up for sale on November 30th at 12AM EST and they will be available till 11:59PM PST - 24 hours - 1 day ONLY!
Been working on this one for a minute each piece is hand made I and really wanted to perfect the look and feel of the dunny to represent the cock sauce as best as possible! New custom bottle head with the actual Sriracha cap, and fully cleared for a really amazing finish.
Figure comes Signed/Numbered
A Pair of Bright Green Bamboo Chopsticks
A Bamboo Place Matt

This is a parody art piece, in no way is this a licensed piece from Huy Fong Foods, Inc. or should be associated with them. This is all done out of the love and homage to the condiment

With a longer than 24 hour release, Sket One is making sure that everyone from coast to coast has a chance to pick up one these great pieces. Priced at $450 each and only available for one day, this looks to be a hot release. So, on November 30th, be sure to head on over to Sket One's online store and snag one. That is, unless, you can't stand the heat.  While you're at it, be sure to check out everything else Sket has up on his store, like a sticker pack or print. Hopefully, Sket One can keep the lawyers away on this release.

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Sket One

- Mark-Anthony

Char-O by Fuller

The latest from Fuller, love it!
This is my submission for the HUG Custom Show this December 15th being held at the TAG - Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles. I call him Char-O. This cool lil HUG base is the creation of the great guys at BLAMO Toys If you are in the area feel free to stop by to take a look along with many other amazing artists works.
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Cyber Monday by Ardabus Rubber

News from Ardabus Rubber...

The End of the World Party is almost here! But for those of you who just cant wait to dance, i've put a special very limited Cyber Monday sneak peak in my store. If you are interested in one, please read in full the description of the item in my store before you order. I've also put up some new paintings and there are plenty of other goodies to be had :) Enjoy!

The Windy City Crawler by DeeTen

The second custom that we are posting from DeeTen, this guy is doing some amazing stuff. Look at this great Tequila custom.

The Windy City Crawler Model Toy 1:10000, circa 1886
During the Expedition of 1886 into the parallel world our travelers were taken to Calico City, to the locals it was known as the Windy City. When they first saw this great city, several of our explorers humorously fainted at the sight of its massive monolith like machine attached it. It was not active when our people visited the city but its size could not be understated. The Windy City Crawler, a machine more massive than the city it drags across the desert with chains from its arms. Calico City was built in the center of a naturally high wind, desert environment with little to no resources. After experiencing its first sandstorm resulting in high damage, the city was relocated, yet the sandstorm later followed. Since the storms were unpredictable the city adapted by constructing onto low friction foundation platforms, which were then linked together. Now that the city was able to slide across desert terrain, the Windy City Crawler was constructed to move the city out of the windstorms path. The natives explained how the crawler was commissioned from the great floating city of New Alexandria half a century earlier. This particular toy model was a gift from the city’s leaders and is in a scale of 1:10000. Calico City is listed as one of the 13 Great Cities.

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Nugglife's DEA Agent & K9 Labbit

Nugglife (Ian Ziobrowski) is not that fast with posting his pictures, just look at these insane customs he made for NYCC 2012. Absolutely stunning. He has also a print available of this great couple, that you can grab in his store.

Standing at 8 inches tall this DEA Agent was created for my booth at NYCC 2012 this year. This guy comes with a hand made flash light, gun, snow shoes, and a fierce 6 inch K9 Labbit on a chain. Holding down the woods as best as he can, Hes always trailing behind his arch nemesis NUGGS

"The Hunt Begins" 15 x 11 oil on canvas, this was done in inspiration from The Custom I did "Agent Biff & K9 Labbit" for nycc 2012... They're is prints available on my web store wed at 12pm noon.

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      - Don P

DunnyTown by Task One

The latest reveals from this insane detailed 3 inch Dunny series by Task One.

One more month to go and than this series is done!

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  - Don P

The Mark IV Power Supply Unit by DeeTen

An amazing 8 inch Dunny by DeeTen...

The Mark IV Power Supply Unit
The Mark IV power supply unit is a confusing device to say the least. This piece was given to our Expedition 1886 leader as a gift for our world. The people said it could power whole cities on a new type of technology, even more advanced than their own elegant steam machines. The native people shared their story about the Thirteen Great Cities located in their reality, each city an engineering wonder. The Mark IV came from the city of New Alexandria, the more advanced of the two cities that achieved complete levitation. It’s said this single unit could supply enough power to keep New Alexandria in the air for years. Several depleted units were found at the city’s last known location along with large amounts of debris. The last communication with the city was six months ago, stating its confirmation of its attendance to the upcoming world’s exposition. Dirigible fleets have not seen the city since. The natives showed some anxiety at the thought of New Alexandria’s return, perhaps it was fear?

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"I Have A Surprise For You" by Davemarkart

The latest from Davemarktart, this custom 4 inch Munny is stil available in his store.

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GOBLIN KING by David Kraig

It started with a Micro Munny, but ended with a whole new sculpt. Amazing sculpting details!

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Frosty the Caveman by JFury

Just look at this badass expression from this 4 inch Munny by JFury. You just have to love this style!

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     - Don P