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November 12, 2012

Sekure D x Nugglife Smash Bros!

Grab this awesome series by Sekure D and Nugglife!

Everybody get ready because the big boys have come to play! Joining forces for the first of many Dunny series Ian ‘Nugglife’ Ziobrowski and I today bring you our Smash Bros set! A 6 piece one of a kind blind box release where we have taken 3 of the most iconic Mario Brothers characters and given them our own original spin! I used my ‘Codename Unknown’ sty
le and clean lines to reinvent each of the main characters and Ian has used his quirky sinister tone and incredible painting technique to recreate them within his own artistic universe!
People may have seen a teaser for these at NYCC this past month but with Sandy crashing into New York setting Ian back we have been somewhat delayed in releasing these but they are now set to drop and we couldn’t be happier! Each blind box will be $100 and come with a custom box included! As mentioned earlier this is just the first of many series that the two of us will be working on together to strap in and wait for more craziness!

Release date is this Wednesday Nov 14th at 12 noon. These pieces will be available on my new website located in the store.

Toy Prince custom by Jc Rivera

Pretty sure that Jc loves bears!

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The Original AJ's Toy Boarders

I just have to say that when I was young I loved skateboarding. These were the days of NASH boards and building plywood ramps and listening to seventies punk that I did not really understand, but was loud and fast. I also loved playing with army men, those little green soldiers with the blobby bases. We used to tie black cats to them and blow them up and throw them of bridges with make shift parachutes.

There is absolutely no way I would do any of that with these though. They are just to cool to be destroyed. That being said, opening these packs of little green skateboarders is like nostalgia only designed a lot better than I could imagine. My only concern with these when I pulled them all out was that with the wheels on the bottom of each figure, they would not stand up on their own. Those concerns were quickly squashed as I started setting these up all over my desk. Each one stands on its own. 

Currently there are two different series of these, each with eight different poses such as ollie, cruising and 50/50. They are available on the Toy Boarders website for $5 for a pack of 24 figures. In addition, they ar working on a BMX, Surf and Snow series for the future. You can also follow them on facebook to get all the latest on the toys. These are definitely one of the most original twists on a childhood favorite. Now I just need to build a miniature skate park to play with these in.

Agent Ox by Nugglife

Agent Ox, is a custom 3 inch dunny with a hand knitted hoodie!.. Now whats special about this guy is that he was created for a Secret Operation to "Cease the Green" in NUGGLIFE. As you can see he's double sided. One side being a NUGGS look alike, the other completes the trick, busting any one looking for the goods. Watch out for this guy!.... besides they say NUGGS always wheres a hat.

Part of the Urban Vinyl Daily Blind Box Series still available here, for $75 each! 

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      - Don P

New reveals OLD vs NEW series

Look at these great reveals from the OLD vs NEW series!

"The Battle of the Mascots" blind box battle is back for a second round and it is bigger than ever! This time we have 20 of the worlds best vinyl customizers doing battle for the title in what is set to be a crazy event! The warriors from battle one have joined forces to wage war against the onslaught of a new army and the line ups are stacked with talent! Team Old consists Don P, Sekure D, Commandante, Matcandraw, NikeJerk, Alex Break, Loz Hausofboz, JFury, JC Rivera and Fuller.
The new comers are Charles Rodriquez, Stuart Witter, Color Chemist, El Hooligan, Wheelbarrow, Squink, Jar, RunDMB, MaloApril and Nugglife.

FRANK by David Kraig

A 9" Sunbum Sonny custom by David Kraig.

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Gimpunnai's by SquareFrog Designs

You just have to love these ones. Love the fact that SquareFrogDesigns worked with leather on these Mini Munny's. There is quite much to look at, amazing!

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      - Don P