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October 22, 2012

Unboxed Custom Vinyl Toy Show at Espionage Gallery Australia

Espionage Gallery in Australia is hosting Unboxed, A Custom Vinyl Toy Exhibition.  Here's a quick video fly-through from Hints and Spices and the flyer for the show -

- Ahren

Form (Qee) + Function (NES) = MIND BLOWN

German designer Hannes Hummel did something you don't see very often.  He made a useful vinyl toy.  Like functional.  IT DOES STUFF.  In this instance, 

a hacked vinyl toy and nintendo mashup. the inside of its head is a gameboy advanced which is controlled by a nes controller. the body is a qee vinyl toy.  the soldered chip features full motion video playback, web & filebrowser, and different game console emulators.

I feel like our community has a pretty good handle on form but function (as is often the case) regularly eludes us.  What do you think?

- Ahren

Spotted on Facebook: JC Rivera Kozik Busts

Spotted on Facebook:

Frank Kozik and Labbit mini-bust customs by JC Rivera.  Based on the Kozik "Goon Squad" dictators.  Very clever, nice execution.

- Ahren

Plaseebo Eyezon Tank for 5th Anniversary Kaiju Eyezon Show!

Bob Conge is dropping this OOAK Mini Kaiju Eyezon Tank at the 5th Anniversary Kaiju Eyezon Show at Double Punch Gallery in SF.  (Post with show info here).

The Eyezon Tank is a vinyl and resin custom with glass eyes and a switched color changing LED unit that illuminates the eyes.  The piece will be signed and dated by Bob.

5th Anniversary Eyezon Show at Double Punch

It seems like only yesterday that Mark Nagata's Kaiju Eyezon burst onto the scene but it has actually been 5 YEARS.  These monsters grow up so fast...

Opening November 3rd at Double Punch SF and featuring Mark Nagata (duh), Bob Conge, Chris Douglass, Martin Hsu and...everyone else on the poster.  More info as it becomes available!

- Ahren