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October 7, 2012

Scott Kinnebrew at NYCC: Art Wars show at Kidrobot NY Oct 11th

Bantha Buddy resin
 Scott Kinnebrew and Jason Chalker will be putting on a Star Wars-themed art and toy show at Kidrobot NY on October 11 during NYCC! The show is called "Art Wars- New Hope Intergalactic Custom Toy Show" and you can check out the Facebook event here. He snuck a few teasers our way for a few of the MANY cool items they'll have for sale at the show.

Custom toys:
  • Kid Fett (Full Size Kid Robot Mascot)
  • Booger Fett (5" Kozik Booger)
  • The Qeewoks (4 x 8" Qees)
  • Big Wampa (Muttpop Tequila)
  • Little Wampa a.k.a. "That Damn Skywalker Kid" or "The Wample" (Funko Bumble)
  • Nein Nunb (Fonzo)
  • Sith Proof (Custom General Lee x 1978 Kenner Land Speeder Mashup)
  • The Bantha Whisperer (3" Dunny and 5" Labbit set)
  • Tuscan Rabbit (8" Bunny Qee)
  • Taun Taun Jr (5" Kid Robot raffy)
  • Ponda Baba a.k.a. Walrus Man (4" Zukie)
  • Lobot (4" Zukie)
  • Dengar (4" Zukie)
  • Kabe a.k.a.The Bat in the Cantina (8" Kit Kat Qee)
  • + others that will only be known about at the show (if I get them done in time to ride in my suitcase)
13" x 19" custom print "Iggy's Street Wheels"  (Ltd Edition Print available only at this show)
Somewhere in a galaxy far far away when their not hunting scruffy looking nerfherders, a group of bounty hunters skate the stars in search of the perfect slice of pavement.  When you've got the Empire on your side,and that damned Millenium Falcon running away from you you've gotta ride the right's 88's or nothing.
Bantha Buddies - Scott's newest resin sculpt:
 This little guy comes in a 4" x 4" milk box from the Tatooine dairy farms (100% organic of course)...and you thought they only held blue milk.  Not the case as ach one of these blind boxes contains one Bantha Buddy, a colorful baby bantha ready to come home with you.  There are an unknown number of multicolor chases, but each buddy regardless has a unique body/horn color combination and no two are alike.  There will be less than 40 available for sale the night of the show, and once these are gone, there will be no more. They will be $30 a piece, and I'm sure there might be some trading going on as well.  Each box get's you one bantha and one FOD sticker staring that lovable Wampa that bouces a.k.a. The Wample

Sith Proof

Bantha Buddy Resin
Tusken Rabbit


Bantha Buddy

Rampage Toys at Tenacious NYCC Booth 3121

 Our booth 3121 will be the official home of all things Rampage Toys at NYCC 2012! We will have a FULL CASE dedicated to Rampage Toys and the work of Jon Malmstedt. Above are our special Tenacious Blue sofubi blanks: Manotaur, all 3 Dinos and Ugly Unicorn! Below are images of the painted figures. These sofubi (Japanese soft vinyl) figures will all be available unpainted and painted. Below is the price list:

  • Blank Ugly Unicorn - $35
  • Painted Ugly Unicorn - $45
  • Blank Manotaur - $75
  • Normal painted Manotaur - $85
  • 'Chase Manotaur' - $125 each (there will be 2 of these)
  • Blank Cyclops Dinos (set of 3) - $45
  • Painted Cyclops Dinos (set of 3) - $50
  • A new mini resin guy in solid Tenacious Blue - $5 each

All of the above items will be available at Booth 3121 in The Block at NYCC. Click here to add the Tenacious Toys booth 3121 to your NYCC show planner. Click here to see what other collabs we have going on at NYCC!

Carson Catlin customs at the Tenacious NYCC booth 3121

Following the "something for everyone" rule of retailing, Carson Catlin has executed a plethora of differently sized customs for sale at our NYCC booth #3121. From 3" Dunny customs all the way up to an 18" Qee Bear, you'll definitely find one to suit your budget! Come meet CCC at booth 3121 at 2pm Saturday October 13th for his signing.... I believe we are going to display and sell SOME of these customs before the signing, but we'll be holding some back until Carson signs. I'd imagine the 18" Qee will be on display in our booth the whole time, cuz it's just too big to hide. Photo op!

Add our booth to your NYCC show planner by clicking here. See our full signing schedule here.

Strife & Sire release at Nathan Hamill signing at Tenacious booth 3121

We are very pleased to be hosting Nathan Hamill for a signing again this year at NYCC 2012. Nathan will be signing at booth 3121 at 3pm on Friday October 12. We are even more pleased that thios signing will serve as a soft launch for Nathan's next vinyl figure from 3DRetro: Strife & Sire. Get there early: we have a VERY limited number of these figures to sell. We will also have Nathan's Boris and 2 colorways of Bellicose Bunny on hand.
Whispers and hints from days long past 
 Tell us tales of haunted spells cast...

Strife, a Warrior Imp of Calendula, was an attendant and protector of the once mighty but now fallen god, Sire. Though only his skull remains, Strife is a loyal creature through and through. He still watches over Sire in death, awaiting his prophesied return.

Strife & Sire will be released at NYCC at the Tenacious Toys booth # 3121 on Friday, Oct. 12, 3PM.
  • Strife & Sire 
  • Vinyl
  • Standard Ed.
  • 150 pieces
  • Stands 7 inches
  • $50

Evilos Vinylmations at Tenacious NYCC booth 3121

We are excited to feature more custom Disney Vinylmation figures by Evilos at our NYCC booth this year! Last year we hosted Evilos' Ezra figure, and this year he sent us some fancy-pants 3" Vinylmations that he recently painted. They'll be $30 each at booth 3121. Click here to use the NYCC Map Your Show planning guide so you can find us!

Designer Toy Awards Exclusive: "Hellhounds" editions by Artmymind

The 2nd Annual Designer Toy Awards are thrilled to offer two exclusive colorways of Artmymind's new 2-inch tall "Hellhounds" resin figure. Made in exceedingly limited quantities, there is the $65 "Bloody Night" edition and the $49 "Clear Coral" version. Not only will these be available during the Designer Toy Awards Ceremony, but a third exclusive colorway has been made… though you won't be able to simply buy it…

The 2nd Annual Designer Toy Awards' Ceremony — announcing this year's winners in each category — will be held in New York City on Saturday, October 13th, 2012 (during the weekend of New York Comic-Con). Hosted by The Sucklord, the event will be located at Providence NYC (311 West 57th St., New York, NY 10019) and the doors will officially open at 8PM with entrance open to the general public free of charge.

Ron English Video and Product Announcement

Straight from our friends over at Dudebox comes this video and a special toy announcement. Part 2 of the Ron English conversation has been posted where he talks about his take on platform toys, the vinyl art scene and Dudebox's Dudes.

To watch the film head over to the DBTV page and if you missed the first part view it here

"We want to thank Ron for letting us into his world and for showing us around his studio. It was a very inspirational journey for us and we just had to ask Ron to put down one of those 5 million ideas he had for the Dude. Which leads perfectly into the final reveal of our release line up for New York Comic Con. All the pieces seemed to fall into place, watch that video again and you will see a replica dinosaur hanging out in Ron's garden. That's not just any random dinosaur, Ron has a bit of a fascination for them, their origins and what they evolved into. So Ron turned an egg into a dino to create King Monster ~  a homage to those ancient beasts that once roamed this land. Taking a different direction from Ron's more established pop art route, King Monster really is a Terror From A Lost World."

King Monster will be released October 11, 2012 at New York Comic-com and online at Dudebox's website. In addition Ron English will be signing at the Dudebox booth (#2915) at the con on Friday (October 12) from 4:00-5:00 pm and again on Saturday (October13) from 2:00-3:00 pm.                                  

Bad Applez Inc NYCC 2012 Preview

Bad Applez Inc - Resin Toys, Vinyl Toys and Garage Kits: Bad Applez INC NYCC 2012 Preview: "Here ya go folks! This is what we are bringing to this year's New York Comic Con! We will be at booth #3121 Thurs- Sunday of NYCC! ..."

Bad Applez will be exhibiting alongside Tenacious Toys at Booth 3121!