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September 29, 2012

Tenacious Toys NYCC Booth 3121: Special Collaborations

Special Collaborations at the Tenacious Booth

We will be utilizing our awesome space at NYCC to showcase and sell products by a number of cool manufacturers:
  • Bugs and Plush will be represented at our booth with a full array of their awesome vinyl toys.
  • Rampage Toys will have a full glass case at our booth, featuring Tenacious Toys Exclusive colorways of the Ugly Unicorn, Manotaur and Dinosaur sofubi sculpts, plus customs based on those platforms from Jon Malmstedt and a variety of artists, plus more custom by Jon on assorted sofubi platforms.
  • Furry Feline Creatives will have a full display of their assorted plush characters in our booth (plus they made us an exclusive!) 
  • Josh Mayhem is making a special "Gunny" series for us (think Gundam x Dunny)
  • Carson Catlin is bringing a Reticulated Dunny series of customs with him (plus more customs)
  • VISEone will have a couple customs for sale in our booth
  • PopCornHead will have some of his custom Chameleon Dunnys for sale in our booth ($80 each)
  • Valerie G will have customs for sale in our booth
  • Blazon Brikhaus will have customs for sale in our booth
  • Evilos will have a few Vinylmation customs for sale in our booth

This list is not complete! Many more features will be added to this list over the upcoming week!

Tenacious Toys NYCC Booth 3121: Exclusives and Debuts


  • NYCC Exclusive Jon-Paul Kaiser Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee (limited to 300; $28)
  • Tenacious Toys Exclusive Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee (limited to 500; $28)
  • NYCC Exclusive Furry Feline Creatives Black CandyCat Purridge (limited to 10, $40)
  • Tenacious Toys Exclusive Rampage Toys blue Ugly Unicorn, Manotaur and Dinosaurs
  • Tenacious Toys Exclusive blue resin figures by Jacob JAMS

  • Nathan Hamill's Strife & Sire vinyl figure set ($50)
  • VISEone's Tube Monsters (all 3 colorways, $15 each)
  • Jason Freeny's Gummi Anatomy figures (2 colorways) & prints
  • Rich Page's Dita sculpt

This list is by no means complete: many more items will be added throughout the week.

Tenacious Toys NYCC Booth 3121: Signing Schedule

Tenacious Toys booth 3121 signing schedule:

Friday October 12
  • 11am: Jacob JAMS signing his resin figures (including blue Tenacious Exclusive colorways)
  • 2pm: VISEone signing his new Tube Monsters (all 3 colorways)
  • 3pm: Nathan Hamill signing his new Strife & Sire vinyl figure set

Saturday October 13
  • 11am: Jason Freeny signing his Gummi Anatomy figures, Gummi Anatomy prints by 1XRUN & the Freeny CAPSL figures
  • 1pm: Jon-Paul Kaiser & J*RYU tag team signing, featuring our exclusive JPK Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee and J*RYU's Baby Sapling resin figure (also a Tenacious Exclusive)
  • 2pm: Carson Catlin signing, featuring his Reticulated Dunny series
  • 3pm: Rich Page of UME Toys signing, featuring the debut of Dita and a whole slew of other offerings
  • 4pm: JC Rivera signing, featuring assorted customs and resin figures
Sunday October 14
  • 2pm: Jason Freeny signing his Gummi Anatomy figures, Gummi Anatomy prints by 1XRUN & CAPSL figures

This signing schedule will be updated with additional signings this week. This list is not yet complete.