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September 19, 2012

Old Man Logan by David Kraig

Made for Vinyl Thoughts 3.....Old Man Logan by David Kraig. Impressive sculpting skills!

Old Man Logan, 7 inch Munny

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"Skeletal Zukie" by Zukie

Zukie is working hard on her own platform these days, another great custom Zukie!

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"Lottie the metal girl: Circa 1886" by deeten

DeeTen made this excellent piece for the upcoming "Two-Faced show" in October.

"The expedition into the parallel world in 1886 discovered a world where clockwork and steam power were perfected into highly sophisticated technologies. Along their trip they saw many mechanical marvels; a floating city, massive airships, as well as mechanical people!  Lottie was a girl saved from an early grave by the modern day technology of her time and dimension. The notes in the expedition claim she was a very kind and adventurous soul, always testing the limits of her metal body. They even noted her strange habit of chewing on pocket watches, which they claimed were like biscuits to her. Being an explorer herself she wanted to join our 1886 expedition on their return from her parallel universe. Little did we know when the hole between the universes was closed, all of our gifts from the people, artifacts, and technology ceased to function. Lottie remains frozen and non functional exactly how she was when the portal closed in 1886."

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Resin is King Series 2 Teaser: The Jelly Empire


Tenacious Toys in conjunction with Dead Hand Toys announces Resin is King Series 2: a blind-boxed resin mini figure series featuring the sculptural resin work of 16 artists! Each artist was asked to develop a new sub-3" resin sculpt and submit 10 pieces to the series using that sculpt. With 160 pieces in Series 2, this promises to be a much bigger release than Series 1.

We even worked with our good friend Lisa at Kidrobot: the KRNY store will host the Resin is King Series 2 release party on October 4th from 6-8pm! Many of the artists will be there in person to sign their pieces, and there will be exclusive and highly-limited prints by some of the artists available for purchase. Blind boxes and full, sealed 16-pieces cases/sets of the RIKS2 BBs will also be available, and we'll be hiding a Golden Ticket in one of those blind boxes that will get the lucky winner a sweet prize from Argonaut Resins! On October 5th, any leftover Resin is King Series 2 blind boxes will be put up for sale online at


The idea for the Resin is King blind box series was born out of an interest in artisanal resin collectibles. Brian Ahlbeck (Dead Hand Toys) and I decided last year that we wanted to shine a light on the top-level craftsmanship and creativity of resin figures and the artists that make them. We made a few phone calls and Resin is King Series 1 was born. Now for Series 2, we've expanded to reflect the wide variety of resin figures being produced day in and day out. We're always really excited as we prepare for these releases because every single WIP shot that rolls in is a brand-new sculpt! We hope you dig these resin figures as much as we do.

  • Brian Ahlbeck (Dead Hand Toys)
  • Dave Bondi
  • Rich Page (UME Toys) 
  • NEMO & OsirisOrion (Bad Applez Inc.)
  • Jay222
  • Motorbot
  • Matt A*
  • Argonaut Resins
  • Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire)
  • Kilroy III (Kilroy's Attic)
  • Kris Dulfer (KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES)
  • JC Rivera
  • Christopher Moore (We Become Monsters)
  • Vanessa Ramirez
  • Scott Kinnebrew (Forces of Dorkness)
  • Tim Stephson

Two-Faced Hazel by Loz Hausofboz

Another stunning custom for the Two-Faced show this time by Loz Hausofboz. Excellent piece!

 Two-Faced Hazel

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Works from wake-the-dead : Tom & Jerry, Toot & Duke

These customs are made by wake-the-dead for the Vinyl Thoughts 3 show.

Tom & Jerry, 7 inch Trikky and 3 inch Dunny

Toot, 18 inch Mega Munny

Duke, 4 inch Munny

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