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August 30, 2012

Crusty Creeper from eeKs

New from eeKs is a custom Crusty Creeper (available here)!

Crusty Creeper, he's a crusty one, what more can be said? He's an avid snake enthusiast & volunteers at the local sea snake sanctuary. Besides snake'n it, Crusty loves to go food creepin' too!
Creeper mini prints (shown below) included in order!

- Ahren

Dead Hand Toys Green Series Available...NOW!

Brian over at Dead Hand Toys is releasing a new set at NOW!

From Brian:
It's been a while but I finally have my next set ready to release. This time around, I didn't do a run of a single colorway. Instead, I've got 24, all green, but different variations. Some are the same or similar, but most are one offs. 
These will be releasing this Thursday, August 30th at 12pm EST. They will run $25.00 each and come bagged with a header. Keep an eye on the STORE as I'll be loading it up over the next two days. The picture up top is only a sample of whats available.

- Ahren 

Night Terror Pre-Order from Matt A*

To reserve your Preorder spot visit :

Many moons ago on a dark night, artist Matt A*, started to sculpt something so Terrifying, it took almost 300 hours to get perfect. Now with the master Night Terror ready, its time to replicate and release the first edition of this awesome Owl.

Now for where you come in, in order for this project to see the outcome Matt A* had envisioned from the start, he needs some help from the community. This version of the Night Terror measures in at 16" tall from base to top, and a wing span of 24". This first set of 10 pieces will also include a special Skull accessory, measuring in at 4" sculpted and painted to match, that can be placed in the claw of the Owl. As well as a sticker pack. Each will then also be hand painted in a glossy Bronze paint, and the Skull in a Purple Pearl, by Matt A himself. The price for these first 10 will be $200 plus shipping. After the first 10 sell, the normal price for the Night Terror owl will be $250, or $300 with the additional skull accessory. Estimated shipping on these will be DECEMBER of 2012.

Reason behind the special price of $200 is to raise the $2000 needed for the molding silicone ($1200), and the resin ($800). Each piece of the Night Terror will be casted in solid Resin, and will equal a total of 4 pieces (Body, Left Wing, Right Wing, Tail). Each finished piece will also come with a clear acrylic stand with clear rotating base. After many hours of trial and error and changes to make the sculpt perfect, here is your chance to not only get an awesome piece of art, but also help the vision of Matt A* first original sculpt come to life.

- Ahren

Shadow-lapin Dunnys by Shadoe Delgado + a Vinyl Thoughts 3 SNEAK PEEK

From the twisted mind of Shadoe Delgado comes these evil little Shadow-lapin dunnys. The textures and paint jobs are amazing.Check out his blog and store to see some other platforms customized in the same style, then hit the jump for a couple more shots and a sneak peak at his Vinyl Thoughts 3 munny. 

Skizzmunch 10 inch Labbit custom by Shadoe

Another stunning Labbit from Shadoe Delgado. Shadoe is extremely busy on the moment, but he still have some commissions left for this year. Be fast and grab a custom from him while his prices are still low, pretty sure that they will rise fast! Contact Shadoe here or here.

Follow Shadoe Delgado here:
    - Don P 

New Skatedecks from Furry Feline Creatives

New from Furry Feline Creatives come these sick decks. Perfect for any amateur or accomplished skater or a collector who just wants an interesting piece of art to hang. The decks are USA made in Huntington Beach, California and are available now for only $50. Also follow Furry Feline Creatives on facebook and twitter to see what new products they come out with next.

Gardian Tequila Custom by MAp-MAp

Amazing custom Tequila from MAp-MAp...

Slowly roaming the land with a thud, Gardian wanders around the edge of cities plucking any orphan he comes across, and plopping them on his back. Once in the tiny community of Gardian's gigantic back these orphans don't really have much to do, following the same daily routine. Stare at the world that plods and rumbles around them, maybe draw what they see, then roam in the small gap between sunset and nightfall when Gardian sits down for some sleep. This slow life almost forces all of Gardian's orphans into consuming ever drop of knowledge they can find, from the bookshelves inside the backshack, along with Gardian's slow but insightful words.Once an orphan grows up and becomes a little too heavy to carry they'll normally jump off at the next city Gardian skirts past, and live a content life. The rare few carry Gardian's torch as a wandering carer, although what they care for varies wildly depending on their size and strength.

Follow MAp-MAp here:

    - Don P 

Dave Webb's Teaser for Vinyl Thoughts 3

Davemarkart showed us his teaser from his first custom that he made for Vinyl Thoughts 3. Can you guess who this is? Looking great Dave!

Follow Davemarkart here:
     - Don P